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8621. You may not vote on this poll
  • Team DivA

    3,921 45.48%
  • Team DOGKaiser

    4,700 54.52%
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    Will someone answear me where to get that free icon ??

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    DogKaiser ftw!

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    I'm going to have to go with DOGkaiser on this one.

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    Finally the nail in the coffin when it comes to showing how few details BCPK actually catches :-P 5v5 constantly is gonna be tough ^_^
    DOGKaiser FTW!!!

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    Btw why is the pollresult hidden? That's dumb :-/

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    Vote on DOGKaiser

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    Holy cow! We can win 200 Silver Coins! Sweet! That's so awesome!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dEph_ View Post
    Holy cow! We can win 200 Silver Coins! Sweet! That's so awesome!
    it says "you may not vote on this poll" sooo i cant vote at all?? or am i just not seeing it? I wanna vote!!! help meee

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    doggy got this..
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    C'mom dog kaiser! Aways the kaisers wins!

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    how do i vote?

    Quote Originally Posted by VenTROsi View Post
    i voted.... still cant find the icon to represent! where they at!!!!?
    how do i vote ???

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    How can i recieve an free icon?

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    DOGKaiser win

    Quote Originally Posted by xanderK View Post

    The war is about to begin and here's your chance for a sneak peek!

    Get ready for a match-up for the ages as two of our most competitive staff members, Pu "DivA" Liu and Matt "DOGKaiser" Knizacky, face off on our brand new Mid Wars map. They've drafted their teams from the S2 Staff and are ready to settle the score once and for all. Make sure you vote for your favorite team in the poll above and represent the cause by grabbing the team's FREE symbol from the store. To raise the stakes, we're going to award 200 Silver Goblin Coins to whoever picks the winning team in this poll. Voting closes when the games start and the symbols are only available until a winner is decided. Make sure you choose wisely!

    To help with this difficult decision, here's a little more information about our competitors:

    Pretty intense huh?

    This represents the first exciting chance for the community to see Mid Wars in all it's glory and Honcast's BreakyCPK will be shoutcasting the action starting at 3 PM EST on Saturday, May 5. You can tune in over at or by going to HoNTV in-game and clicking on the "Honcast Live" button.

    Don't miss it!

    DOGKaiser win

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    DOGKaiser win

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    Well I voted DOGKaiser. So did everyone else? Well, knowing the HoN Community I'm suddenly regretting my choice... JK! TEAM DOGKaiser FTW!
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    i guess icons will be available during the match or smth
    i cannot find them right now...
    but we need more detail's , like what are the rule's?
    btw why Results are Hidden?

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    vote on TeamDiva xD

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    ow yeaa DOGKaiser will win

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