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  • Team DivA

    3,921 45.48%
  • Team DOGKaiser

    4,700 54.52%
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    Dogkaiser es #1 hue hue hue hue

  2. #202
    THIS! Yesssss!! DOGKaiser all the way!

  3. #203
    Had no idea whom these teams were, sooo... I picked the one with the better name and icon. ;-p
    Watch Me Work!!! They ask me NOT to KS, but when I don't the enemy almost always survives... and THEN I get blamed for it? Women... Oh, and by the way...Kraken was here.

  4. #204
    Team DIVA ofc.. i mean guys cmon he's asian

  5. #205

  6. #206
    DIVA \o/

  7. #207
    Guys, where do i find the custom icons ???

  8. #208

    Team DOGKaiser

    Quote Originally Posted by TACretAw View Post
    Rules for this?
    Team DOGKaiser

  9. #209
    Thailand kub!!

  10. #210
    Diva is going to get dog shreaded. Just saying.

  11. #211
    Diva all the way!

  12. #212
    I vote for team DogKaiser

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    Quote Originally Posted by Irody View Post
    Team DIVA ofc.. i mean guys cmon he's asian
    Agreed. Voted Team DivA for the same reason.

    Quote Originally Posted by otarU View Post
    We is going Dota 2 too bastardo

    see you that


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    Dog is so winning this

  15. #215
    Pu Liu Diva please, 中国人是最棒的!

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    Gogo DivA!

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    Voted. Team Dog!

  18. #218
    Voting for Bears..

  19. #219
    DOGKaiser got this, easy.

    Let N0Tail shadowplay you so we don't have any surprises.

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    'Swallow some cold reality' --> lol'ed. My money is on Diva.

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