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  • Team DivA

    3,921 45.48%
  • Team DOGKaiser

    4,700 54.52%
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    Hopefully diva will beat dogkaiser so hard he gets back to the drawing board and start working on balancing the game instead. WHY HAVEN'T YOU NERFED NIGHT HOUND YET?

  2. #142
    ofc diva he s faking asian it would be stupid to vote for kaiser
    nam sayin

  3. #143
    Vote on DOG

  4. #144
    I've voted DOG ^^

  5. #145
    Bet on the dog
    The poetry of the earth is never dead.

  6. #146
    DOGKaiser will win

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    Diva is represented by the Godly Symbol of Elvis.
    This only means that him, like Elvis, will never die, therefore he wont lose!
    Go Diva!
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    Having previously played (and beaten) DivA in a midwar, my vote has to be with Hot-Dog. Bonus points if someone picks scout.
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    i vote for DIVA !!!!

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    GG WP dogkaiser wins, i think so

  12. #152
    OMG 200 COINS, Go Dogkaiser! You better win this or i will spent my eternal life having my revenge on your team......

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    My vote goes to : DivA

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    Favorite Food: DOGKaiser
    Favorite Drink: DOGKaiser's tears


  16. #156
    Team DOGKaiser all the way !

  17. #157
    i vote for diva bcuz he has his own hon icon

  18. #158
    Diva wins this easy, although he has a gay name.
    Dogkaiser is just another average regular guy.

  19. #159
    So is his name Polio or Poo Loo? :P

  20. #160
    My vote's for DiVA! Keep dem t-shirts flying!

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