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    Mid Wars Face-Off: Team DivA vs. Team DOGKaiser

    The war is about to begin and here's your chance for a sneak peek!

    Get ready for a match-up for the ages as two of our most competitive staff members, Pu "DivA" Liu and Matt "DOGKaiser" Knizacky, face off on our brand new Mid Wars map. They've drafted their teams from the S2 Staff and are ready to settle the score once and for all. Make sure you vote for your favorite team in the poll above and represent the cause by grabbing the team's FREE symbol from the store. To raise the stakes, we're going to award 200 Silver Goblin Coins to whoever picks the winning team in this poll. Voting closes when the games start and the symbols are only available until a winner is decided. Make sure you choose wisely!

    To help with this difficult decision, here's a little more information about our competitors:

    Team DivA

    Name: Pu Liu
    Title: Executive Director of HoN
    Employee Since: June 2010
    Education: Bachelor's in Economics from the University of Chicago
    Favorite Food: DOGKaiser
    Favorite Drink: DOGKaiser's tears

    • Video games
    • Being phenomenally average at sports
    • Singing
    • Board games
    • Watching amazing TV shows like Gossip Girl and The OC
    • Seeing the look on DOGKaiser's face when I beat him at everything we do. You should see the guy when he loses. Talk about a shoulder slump in defeat

    Pro Gaming Career:
    • DotA with WaC, verGe, eMg, and EG
    • Carried DOGKaiser in many, many DotA tournaments and leagues
    • Carried DOGKaiser to several wins and top finishes in League of Legends tournaments
    • LAN Accomplishments: 1st Place Fire & Ice Virginia, 2nd Place Fire & Ice Chicago, 2nd Place Dreamhack Summer 2008, 3rd Place ESWC Paris Masters 2008, 4th Place ESWC Grand Finals 2008

    Prediction for Mid Wars Match:

    "Kaiser is going to come into this match looking to cheese a win out of it. He knows that-- toe to toe, pound for pound, man to man-- he can't match up to me. He's probably played Mid Wars 50x more than me and has a bead on the most advantageous heroes for the mode. However, he is going to have to swallow some cold reality when he discovers that the most advantageous hero for any mode is the one that DivA's playing. After I stomp Kaiser 2-0 in a match that will not live up to the hype due to the ridiculous one-sidedness of it, I promise to capture a candid picture of his slumped shoulders, sullen face, and streaming tears. Follow me on Twitter @S2Whisper for giveaways and insight from the S2 office!"

    Team DOGKaiser

    Name: Matt Knizacky
    Title: Lead Balance Designer
    Employee Since: February 2011
    Education: Bachelor’s in Game Design & Development from Fullsail
    Favorite Part of Work Day: Putting my headset on so I no longer have to listen to DivA's singing
    Favorite Quote: “People would think beating DivA would be on the top of my ‘favorite list,’ but honestly beating him so much gets old.” – myself

    • Playing various strategy video games
    • Cards
    • Ultimate Frisbee, too bad DivA can't keep up with me for it to be a challenge
    • Going to church
    • Beating Pu
    • Asking forgiveness for beating Pu so hard

    Pro Gaming Career:
    • DotA with ALU, coL, verGe, eMg, EG, and DoP
    • Had DivA play competitive support for me since he knows who the real carry is
    • LAN Accomplishments: 3rd Place CPL, 1st Place Fire & Ice Virginia (twice), 2nd Place Fire & Ice Chicago, 2nd Place DreamHack Summer 2008, 3rd Place ESWC Paris Masters 2008, 4th Place ESWC Grand Finals 2008
    • Joined DivA in a LoL tournament. Too bad he couldn't carry his own weight and finished 9th place for a DreamHack invite.
    • Presently playing HoN competitively

    Prediction for Mid Wars Match:

    "Seriously? What's the point of this question? A prediction would imply that there could be more then one result; and the only result possible is the complete domination of DivA. Maybe I'll be wreathing in agony if he starts singing and be unable to play. Or maybe I fail to show up and he manages to beat the creeps in a decisive 60-minute match. They should honestly add a spoiler to the match right now that says DOGKaiser-2 DivA-0."

    Pretty intense huh?

    This represents the first exciting chance for the community to see Mid Wars in all it's glory and Honcast's BreakyCPK will be shoutcasting the action starting at 3 PM EST on Saturday, May 5. You can tune in over at or by going to HoNTV in-game and clicking on the "Honcast Live" button.

    Don't miss it!
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