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    Pretty much all you need to know (Even if your team is trash):
    Duo queue with your friend
    Pick carries/semi carries/mid

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    It always humors me when people play casual and think its harder than normal or even remotely near normal in terms of skill level.

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    you will not believe my stats before. I love SW hence i have 2700 games and 50% were played with SW.

    My KDR is so low that time on MMR .72 to be exact. But I worked hard to become a semi carry and FADE showed me the way.

    I like Empath as well and now I'm playing gauntlet and Pebbles most of the time.

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    I want to vomit.

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    Just learn how to last hit in any circumstance. Imo carrying means else than farming 30mins and auto attacking everyone, go mid stomp it and win the game alone, thats carrying.

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