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    What do you think about elliona? What items do you go on her?

    Which skillbuild and do you think she has potential for the competitive scene?

    I enjoy playing her and she is really fun to play with.

    My part on her can be found here :

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    I get some early game intelligence so she can gank with her spells early if she has to. Then I try to get Ring of the Teacher quickly to get her very low armor up, aswell as give her some mana regen.

    Grave Locket, Spellshards/Nullstone (depending on matchup I swap it around what I get first).

    She's awesome. But a real cluster****.
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    Grave, tablet (null) hellflower sheep ffrostfield
    Ring if your not going null
    i like 2nd over stun, lower 2 sex cd while stun is long cd and only increases damage.
    i think he's a semi carry with aoe damage, similar to artesia or soul reaper with decent pushing power. Needs farm and mana regen, but Laning isn't that good. I think she is fun

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    First I just want to say she down right dominates in all middle. Anyways back to the point. I have played her in normal mode a bit since she came out, have not tried casual mode yet.

    1. Amulet of Exile & Health Potion

    2. Pickled Brain ---> Ring of Sorcery

    3. Boots

    4. Life Tube

    5. Mana Tube ---> Sustainer

    6. Straight Nome's Wisdom

    7. Blessed Orb

    8. Null Stone

    9. Steam Boots

    Have not had any games going any further then this, but if they did I would probably work on a Frostwolf. That is the order that I buy items. I usually max out her first skill with one point in second, third, and ultimate by level 7. Then I max out her 3rd skill, followed by ultimate, 2nd skill, and stats. Having a glacius on your team is a big help, and combining their ice powers is ownage too.

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    She's like walking mag ult that channels for 4 seconds. If you can get all your spells off for 4 seconds you're golden. But if you get stunned or silenced in the middle of your spell casting your effectiveness is greatly diminished. You can see why they reworked vindicator.

    She's really reliant on initiators setting up stuns for her to get her spell chains off.

    She also lacks mobility so you're going to want to get a tablet or pk as one of your first major items.

    I'm not sure about comp play. She's really squishy and needs a lot of set up to get all her spells off. It seems like she's compete with a hag and tort for a spot in a line up.

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    Not gonna lie, in my head when I first saw this name I immediately wanted to pronounce it as "Elliona".

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    Probably one of my favourite EA heroes so far. I get grave locket, nomes, tablet, and post haste if i can afford it.

    sif is sad

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    yea, i really like his playstyle, very fun
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    I get steamboots (micro between health and int), gravelocket, power supply, sustainer-> nullstone or sacrificial stone depending on the number of targeted abilities. After that, I get spellshards or w/e

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