Thread: How would it be without player colors?

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    Even without player colours, someone would still be at the top of the pick screen, and someone else would still be at the bottom.

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    Everyone would assume the guy at the bottom is bad and that the guy at the top is the best. What's new?
    Quote Originally Posted by NubbyMcNub View Post
    HoN's cliff has no footholds and has people at the top insulting your mum.
    Quote Originally Posted by chaR` View Post
    Im only 1500 cuz i only play with noobteams who feed
    If id have proper teammates id easily be 2000-2100

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    List the name alphabetically... problem solved? At least for the color thing but still... there is so much thing out there that can get people to be flamed even before the game start.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dgenerate` View Post
    This. Unless Blue specifically asks you otherwise.
    I would rather have the 80% win orange with average 500gpm take mid/carry than trusting the 49% win average 200gpm blue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DatAsh` View Post
    Did u play Dota? Or do you play Dota2? Well, thats pretty much the feeling about colors: "we don't give a fck about them".
    "stfu ur pink so ur gay"

    that's pretty much it

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    U dont have this problem in dota. Noone judges u in dota 2 and dota 2 community is friendly. There are no retards or trolls in dota 2 ("cough" LoL players "cough". I play dota 2 and hon now, when i need to cool off i play dota 2, when iv cooled off i play hon.

    Anyways back to the topic, i dont really care about colors because 90% of the time i am orange/brown and i call mid, thats when pink/blue go "hehe brown/orange is mid GG" I show them noobs whos boss.
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    Needs to be there solely so I know what I am getting myself into when a game starts.
    I'm Pink:
    Check brown and greens stats, figure out what I need to play based on that (Generally a carry/hard ganker). If they end up playing better than their stats/mmr would suggest, I'm pleasantly surprised. If they don't, at least I planned for it and picked hero/lane accordingly.

    I'm Brown:
    Check pink and grays stats, figure out what I need to play based on that (Generally support/light ganker). If they play worse than their stats would indicate, oh well, there's nothing you can do. If they play up to their stats/mmr, we'll win, because they have strong support (me).

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    I don't care about mmr and clours of my teammates/opponents unless the difference is huge like more than 100. Even then i have had my share of brown/orange playing better than blue/pink. So i am with op on this one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CroMartyr View Post
    From one game to another you can see average "blue/oj behaviour" where ppl just call out their colors and that is the main argument for every little thing they fight about:
    "dude you are brown, be quiet"
    "im blue, listen to me cuz you are trash, bro"
    And I find these statements to be amazingly stupid as I am blue one game and orange the next one.
    So I was wondering would we be less mindset if we wouldnt see player colors. Something along the lines of hellbourne all being red and legion green and MMR would be hidden atleast for a day or two just so we could see if those colors are beneficial or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gorescream View Post
    Your signature is cool man. I like it.
    ye it is awesome, redeye998 made it...still grateful about that

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nexorian View Post
    So when you are orange, you support. and when you are blue, you are welcome to go mid and/or carry. that's all

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