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    What percentage of the population plays CM?

    Even when the people online is over 70K, it takes me like ~10 minutes to join a normal game. While if I try to play Casual mode, I find a game in less than 30 seconds.

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    I need a maximum of 40seconds to find a match, even though the only game mode i've selected is SD

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    According to a Staff member they said -almost- half of their population plays CM. You can find the post in the one thread in GD asking for casual mode changes.

    My casual mode queue is usually 3 mins and my normal is usually a minute, both AP.

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    ^ 40%

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    I think S2 said its just over 40% of all of their games are CM, and its raising on a regular basis. I used to only play normal mode, then I got into all middle, which led me to causal mode. I put a lot of time into casual, made it to the 1700s finally, but got tired of people down grading me because of my normal mode stats.

    So recently I started playing Normal Mode again, and I have to be honest, its a lot easier then casual mode lol. I am having little to no problem winning most of my games, in normal you dont have to worry about runaway carries. Also to be honest I feel like you only have to keep one hero down in normal, where as you have to keep an entire team down in casual, not to mention casual mode is a constant slug fest, so a players skill really comes in to play a lot more, their skill and knowledge of every hero and every possibility that might happen in a team fight.

    Normal mode is a lot of farming, and occasional team fights or ganks. So like I said.. NM is hella easy compared to casual.

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    orbitalx, there are two ways to get higher than your opponent:
    (1) Pull your enemies down.
    (2) Push yourself up.

    It appears you wish to rely on the first approach in order to win your casual games, which can be a lot harder than the latter option.

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    I believe the actual statistic is around 40%, but I personally switch back and forth frequently, so I would say that the reason different people on this thread is that people change their minds all the time. But that's just me.

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    the players online figure is actually a total figure of all 3 HoN's because it includes Garena HoN aswell, which now has more players than normal hon
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