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    The Rage Mage

    hey all, my friend and I were talking about the concept of a hero that gets mana based on damage he takes, and we came up with this. I used Hon dream because I like the format, but i have left it unpublished.


    I would love feedback on the idea

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    I can try and give you some feedback.

    After reading through your hero I kinda get where you wanna go with him.
    I then turned back to the gains. A hero that can easily regain mana like Rage Mage, he got to big a Intelligence gain. Blacksmith is also an Int hero, but he got highest Strength gain. Dont play it safe. Make Rage Mage players sacrifice some health for mana to sustain them selves.

    Your first skill (Q) is very weak. Think of it this way. I cast it upon a friend and the friend take no damage = wasted. I cast it upon an enemy and he just runs away = wasted. There are to many possibilities for it to be useless. You might want to make it infusing Rage Mage and his target. Here is my suggestion for you:

    - If friendly target: Infuse Rage Mage and his Target with rage making granting them +1 att. speed and movespeed each 0.1 sec for 3 seconds. For each 10 damage they take during this duration prolongs and highthens the cap (from +30 to +60) by 0.1 sec for each 10 damage to a max of 3 seconds. (total = +60 when duration ends).

    - If hostile target: Infuse Rage Mage with rage granting Rage Mage +1 att. speed and movespeed each 0.1 sec for 3 seconds, and his hostile target with a uncontrollable despairing rage, slowing him down by -1 each 0.1 sec for 3 sec. For each 10 damage they take during this duration prolongs and highthens the cap (from +/-30 to +/-60) by 0.1 sec for each 10 damage to a max of 3 seconds. (total = +/-60 when duration ends).

    About your second ability (W), i like the fact that you can decide for yourself how much life you want to sacrifice/deal in damage. I would suggest though that you lowerd the mana cost or simply made it so low, that when you got Blood for Mana in max, the return from damaging yourself made the spell free. The would synergize alot better, so you wouldnt have to bay 300 mana to get 3 charges of Fume, which currently is over the top.
    You also might want to consider having the stun scale with fumes aswell. Otherwise I would pay one Fume any time for the 2 sec stun and be happy with that.
    Otherwise, I really like (W). Though I was wondering what the cap is for the ability? the max amount of Fumes?

    As i said in the start. Due to (E) dont be affraid of lowering his intelligence gain, because this passive will give him so much mana. I would get some regen, go draw aggro from mobs or neutrals and just let them regen my manapool. You might need to explain in depth wether the regain is before damage reduction is applied or after, because that makes alot of difference. Otherwise, (E) makes this concept work!!

    About the ultimate. 0.8.... If i got 2000 mana = 1600 magic damage! WOW! that one you need to lower somewhat. YES you do use all your mana, but, 1600+? :P Otherwise i like the concept and synergy.. Jumping in with the nuke, burning yourself a bit with Fumes, and stunning and chasing with infused rage finishing the enemy of.
    About the staff of the master effect. I doesnt make sense. Maybe lower the damage gain per mana spent from .6/.7/.8 to .3/.4/.5 and making the staff increase to the insane numbers?

    Hope you can use the feedback!


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    OOooh, thank you thank you. I like your suggestions. The reason I have a mana loss on W is to prevent it from being infinitely chargable. I wanted to make it so that you could increase the damage on it indefinitely as long as you're taking damage (or have a steady supply of mana) But i think not having a cap on that makes it very exploitable, so I will add a cap to it. I will also tweak the ulti a bit. oh oh and thank you for the stat suggestions, I didn't think about that.

    I editeded it
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