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    List of Female heroes/alts


    // <======================> \\

    Alt Avatars:

    // <====>\\:kine3:

    so in total, there are 49 Female heroes/alts in total. There are around 220* icons in total in HoN
    • 21(10+11) Hellbourne, 28(10+18) Legion
    • 20 Heroes, 29 Alts
      • 12 Female heroes has Female Alt Avatars
      • 8 Females without Female Alts
      • 16 male/unisex heroes has Female avatars.

    In term of attributes:
    3 Str, all alt avatars (there's still no canon Female Str Hero yet)
    24 Int, 12 heroes and 12 alt avatars
    22 Agi, 8 heroes and 14 alts

    Will be updated in the future once more are being released. If I missed out on something please let me know.

    Edit: I couldn't find the icon for the Monkey King alt, nor the clockwork FA alt. I won't include them in the statistic yet however. So there are 51 in total at the moment.
    Edit2: Bramble is debatable.

    *to be updated.

    mysterious ranking:
    Helga>Succubus>Frosty>Ophelia>Fayde>>>Hottie>DWitc h>Riftwalker>Sachi>Valkyrie>TDL>Domitort>Aluna>>>S trider>Empath>Defiler>Pyrolina>Dryad>QoF>>>Queen>M other>MistRunner>Medusa>Rosie>Rhapsody>Andromeda>> >Artesia>MQ>Nymphora>>>Vindicator

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    I never know vindicator is female, that's interesting
    All heroes are op as hell in teaser and spotlight
    Seriously, I never win a game when somebody in my team got rage
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    Well he isn't, neither himself nor his avatar. Look at his model, he has long hair but that's all, no "girly parts" on his chest.^^
    Also his voice actor is male.
    I must admit, when I saw the message subject I thought, "Uh-oh, what did I screw up?" - [S2]Woodshed (in response to my latest p.m.)

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