Thread: EU Team LF competitive hardsupporter + semisupport/jungler (1800+)

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    EU Team LF competitive hardsupporter + semisupport/jungler (1800+)

    Hello guys,

    we are currently looking for a hard support and a semisupport / jungler for our new upcoming team. Our goal is to compete successfully in future tournaments (like HoNTour) to ensure that we'll be playing alot together in scrims and TMM to improve ASAP.

    about us (me mainly):

    Our team contains atm 2 germans (h4ze, me) and 1 swedish (Winkletoss) players. I started playing DotA 2007 ~ tho i was just pubbing and playing heroes like Naix and Lina allday long. In June 2009 some of my friends showed me HoN and LoL, i personally disliked the artstyle of LoL and knew it would be a F2P game so I thought it would be a shitty ass Adobe Air coded game so I preferred HoN over it with all the new things it offered (reconnect,stats,etc...). I mostly played for fun in the beta, I played several ESL matches tho... After that I had a break from January 2010 until August 2011.At the moment I'm mostly pubbing, playing inhouses or SBT, but I want to experience the game to its fullest and to do so we need a stable team.

    what we search:

    We are searching for reliable and experienced players who can take jokes and are not whining when something doesn't work like it should. Don't be TOO serious but know when to focus on the game. You should be atleast 1800+ MMR (exceptions possible).


    Skype: steffo1993yo / sxhsh4ze
    or ingame: m0ntyyy / h4ze
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