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    Prime example that HoNs competitive scene is pretty much trash+dead, when its self called number one team:

    loses a fair share of tournament matches, accusing others of lame picks
    loses a fair share of scrims every day with the same "lame" picks
    rages after every loss against each other (for example Tralfs epic qq like everytime or Moon in that game where Zfreek ks'd him once on plague rider)

    I am so hoping to see tdM not win the DreamHoN qualifier and ragedisband after, even if it would suck for the good/honest/mannered players Zfreek and Sender, who pretty much carry the team every game anyways (along with Bkid)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zerazar View Post
    Is the video to find somewhere? Or is someone able to write up a transcript?
    I'm quite curious as to how Tralf reacts specifically to his item build being called out.
    tbh here, picking a helm over rushing runned wouldnt change anything that game, both their top and mid lane got shut down badly, moons the only one who had "free farm", but he couldnt do much against lgd`s full CC team, the result was unavoidable. and to answer your question, tralf said "picking a helm of black legion wouldn't change anything" which i agree.

    overall, they played like 10+ scrims yesterday and only lost the last one, they were all very very tired, and ppls saying stupid **** when they are tried, nothing much to be discuss here bth.
    Quote Originally Posted by JoshP View Post
    mad i have the love of my life, own a house, and am moving into a 10 million dollar townhome? yeah you mad, fuk im sexy, fuk
    Quote Originally Posted by Penetratorz View Post
    Riser's a decent guy - I've seen him troll a bit in TMM but I feel that's because he was being pressured by franzii to do so.

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    I believe the full story is something like this: I had the stream on the whole time, but was semi-alt-tabbed in another window because tdM looked like CM/Jah were beating them pretty bad. When the mad started happening, I switched back to the window.

    Apparently Bkid (pink drafter) asked Tralf (brown) to get Night Hound, but Tralf went against it and was a magebane picker instead. So, anyways the game starts, they do lanes, game is fairly evenly matched up until maybe about 15 minutes, at which point Jah's team has a moderate advantage. At this point, Jah's team gets some kill advantage, and pushed into tdM top barracks, and takes down both rax pretty early. From this point was when the mad started happening, Moon and Tralf really are going at it, Moon criticizing Tralf for item build and possibly not listening to the drafter's pick advice. Tralf criticizing moon for being bad at elephant and generally mad. Things get pretty bad, serious rage for a while, meanwhile team Jah pushed their bottom 2 raxes. At this point, Tralf rage-quits and tdM tries to defend 4v5 using Tralf's hero still, but the game is over pretty soon after. Apparently some racist comments were made by Tralf to Moon, and Moon himself also was yelling profanities to Tralf.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Creostar View Post
    Apparently Bkid (pink drafter) asked Tralf (brown) to get Night Hound, but Tralf went against it and was a magebane picker instead.
    TDM top1
    Quote Originally Posted by Warchamp7
    It has been a horrible experience watching such a fantastic product fade into what it has become; a shadow of it's former self and a mere glimmer of what it had the potential to be.
    Quote Originally Posted by Maliken View Post
    Our single main focus is to bring extremely high levels of enjoyment to as many players as possible through our games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Creostar View Post
    and Moon himself also was yellow profanities to Tralf.
    lol wut?

    atleast it was a polite yelling contest, they didn't yell over each other lol.

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    bkid has been carrying tdm for a while now, tralf throws alot nowadays and plays really bad

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    They lost the IG match to milk today too gee gee.
    Once there was a hero called turret and he carried an engineer around.

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    losing 2-1 to clan milk

    disband inc.

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    Someone please let them know they are playing a VIDEO GAME.

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    tdm sucks anyway except for bkid always carrying failmeander/tralf

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    people not giving sender enough credit

    supportplayers always so underrated

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    we've been the number #1 team for months now


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    I saw Tdm loosing vs Clan Milk but unfortunately i missed last nights drama between Moon and Tralf.
    Any vods i could watch?

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    they should have let bkid draft game 3 =(

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    Sender Zfreek #1 rational/mature/backbone of tDM.

    Bkid you alright too - but damn enough with the 'allday #swag' already this isnt twitter hashtags dont work like that.
    This guy is hugging you. Feel like hugging back??? =))))))
    Save hon, Luv eachother, No homo! <3 <3

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    guys they will be fine i honestly think this was a huge eye opener for TDM heading into dreamhon not to underestimate any opponent and to just get their heads in the game and buckle down. TDM still the best team in NA and an obvious choice to win the NA quals. even though their bracket is STACKED!!! i mean...honestly look at the dreamHON NA brackets...

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    Quote Originally Posted by nuxx` View Post
    I think this Khariumx kid is Berethorn. I mean even if you post on a smurf, you cant hide how ****ing retarded you are, unfortunately for you.
    With that said, mods should temp ban this troll who's been bashing tdm in every thread in this section.
    Ladies and gentlemen, we have the Chris Crocker of HoN.


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    Racist remarks? Wtf tralf? Any respect I had for this guy, due to normally being a good player, is long gone now. tDM should disband and the other four players should form a new team. Maybe uniting the Freedmans?

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    Must feel awkward for Lisa hearing her boyfriend yell racist comments about her own race to someone else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hoganftw View Post
    Must feel awkward for Lisa hearing her boyfriend yell racist comments about her own race to someone else.
    lol..I was watching them scrim the other day on moon's stream and she was yelling and screamin at tralf in the background...tralf said she gets like yeah both of them ragers.. =D

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