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    Latin America and

    Hello S2,

    Its been a while since you announced that HoN Latin America was on the plans for the "growth" of HoN. Lots of people raged and started to flame and yet we had no response from S2, just a few arguments that tried to avoid giving clear answers. Now that a couples of weeks have past we still are on the void, we have no idea what's going on and whats the direction of HoN Latin America.

    First off, we have some serious questions about They are well known for having childish games and therefore, a large player base of kids from 10-15 year old. I have visited the Axeso5 forums and its fulled with threads about accounts getting hacked, security problems ingame, no custom support for some countries (like attention centers to buy prepaid cards, altho i dont know if HoN will work with them), and many threads that dont make us, HoN players, have any confidence on the reputation of Are you guys on S2 aware of this problems?

    Also, the HoN Forums on are still not open, so there are just a few random posts about what they are supposed to be planning but nothing exact, so they seem to be just pure speculation.

    Second, the region lock. I think that everyone has already stated that region lock is counterproductive since it reduces the player base (since HoN isnt as big as LoL or Dota) and with already the only competitive clans being from North America and Europe, there's no chance for Latin American clans to participate on the worldwide tournaments. So this is practically like saying: "Lets just put them away and let Axeso5 deal with them, we dont want them".

    Third, the servers are hosted on Miami so i dont seem to find a logic answer about why you have said that we will have local servers so we have less delay (ping). Currently i can play games on USW and USE, without any problems of lag. Sometimes just when my brother decides to go on youtube and watch online series, i get a little lag, but its not a problem.

    Please these are some of the most important things we are worried about. There is no turning back on your decisions but we find the need to have these questions/subjects answered or at least to get some information about it.

    I hope this thread doesnt get locked and i apologize if my english is pretty basic.

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    region lock is a must, none would play there if they could just play int hon (wich they still can with little effort)

    on axeso5 being unsuited for HoN, you can only hope s2 knows what they are doing
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    Just login with a proxy when they activate it. Is that so hard?

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    ^You know that the accounts are transferred, right? Or at least thats what Axeso5 said. This will be like having 2 different database (1 for HoN LA managed by Axeso5 and the HoN NorthAmerica/Europe managed by S2) So if i want to join HoN NA/EU, ill have to create another account... a f2p when im already a Legacy.

    They have also said that they will reset stats.

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    And what will happens to those of us who are not latinamericans but are here for reasons for study, for example? I'm french, but im studying in Venezuela, i bought my account in France, am i going to get my account transfered also? Please S2, adress these problems.
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    What S2 cannot do is try to work on an area where people barely have access to international pay methods, I wonder how they've taken so long to give Latin American rights to someone who can actually monetize the game over there (prepaid cards on stores and stuff).

    So far SEA, Russians and now you have complained when being asked to move, SEA and Russians already aknowledge the move has been good. About your post Lowndy, your IP will be locked, so you must play on Latin American servers.

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    Keep it to the official thread on it here (link).

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