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    Running a search query on

    Is there any way we can make search queries in the handy site that theli made? If there is, where can I find a list of the search syntax?

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    You can search for stuff here:

    dunno about search syntaxes though :T probably just list a state or effect your looking for. The only thing i've noticed is that the search must always start with 'and' for some reason.
    Example: list of skills that have stunned=true,
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    So. Well, that db is very limited. (As it was mostly a toy, not a serious instrument)
    Entities are imported as a group of records with parent-child relations (it is not currently possible to use that relationship via query page though. But if needed I can add that)
    Each tag of entity is a separate record with each specified attribute being his properties.
    Each record has 'tag' attribute which is obviously an xml tag name. Tag of root node is propagated through the whole group as 'entitytype' property.
    Only keywords allowed in query are AND and IN ... example:
    entitytype='state' and statuseffecttype in ('StatusBuff', 'StatusDebuff')
    There are no NOT keywords. it is kinda possible to use notequal ( != ) and >< >= <= ... but each kind of such query required construction of additional index so it is not recommended to use that without real need ....
    Keywords field is a coma separated list of properties you want to see in results table.

    So, its just a toy with a very limited feature set and is just a toy. You can't run some complex queries using it. (eg it is not possible to all query unpurgeable states)
    hm, regarding last statement - i added some code to correctly filter out results manually when property has multiple values so unpurgeable states query now seem to work :

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    theli, you sir are a god :]

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