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    thats amazing ! +1 from me to all

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enslavement View Post
    The way it is now it lets new people learn each and every hero easier. If theres a fixed pool it would take alot of matches to be able to purshase them in order to learn to play and more importantly learn to counter other heroes, this will be a bad move and I think many agree with me.
    The way it is now makes it impossible to fully learn every hero... I don't know how many times when I first started playing I would finally find a hero I liked, and would just be getting used to him, and learning what items to use, then Friday would come. I would lose that hero. And not have enough to buy him. And he wouldn't be in the rotation for the next 2 months. It'd be nice to have a solid base of heroes you could always use, but the idea with some rotating pool is definitely a good one.

    Quick question for S2:
    If the heroes I bought EA (Gemini and Midas) are in the static pool, will I get refunded the EA price I payed, or just the standard price? And will I get the 350 coins legacies had to pay, or the 400 I payed? Overall, I like the changes, and any refunds will give me the chance to buy some other heroes/avatars I've had my eye on
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    I think this a great idea. Please go through with all of it.

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    Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by SmackTrickz` View Post
    damn lack of rotation sucks

    better off with 20static and 10 rotated ;p


    1/ rotation gives a trial period for player to test new heroes which further encourages him to buy it eventually [win-win for you]
    2/ more variety
    I honestly think this is how it should work because it would give players a chance to continue to play the same twenty heroes but also play new ones to add some variance. But it won't work if you put scout in the static hero pool lol. If you don't make 20 static and 10 rotating then 30 static is better then the current system at least. I really like how S2 is actually trying to improve the players overall experience by making something like the free hero pool better.
    P.S Legacy Players should quit whining about how they gained nothing by buying the game for 30$.

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    It's an AWESOME idea, great for us F2P players, I've been playing HoN more than 3 months now and I'm still using almost everything as regular.. Same announcer (Yesterday I just got Taunt for the first time) and I have about 13 players and like 2-3 alt avatars, so yes it's awesome, but when will this be?

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    I like the idea...but since its a static idea, cant you give us some cheap count for the cost of the heros? or increase the coin winning amount so its worth playing per game. just a thought though..but it would be cool still..

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    Please, permit us do buy a legacy swap for the free accounts as it was done in Christmas...That would be the best!

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    what if i bought at x-mas all heroes at the time for 10$
    what refund will i get?

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    20 standard heroes +10 rotation is better - best idea imo

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    im not sure if i like the part with sd... a player has a larger chance of getting his favoured heroes in sd if theres only 30 heroes available. before the legacy acounts had an upper hand, know it seems quite the opposite if i understand these changes correctly.

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    great idea. anyone know when this is coming out? or "patched"?

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    oh my god
    non-free stomp heros unite?

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    But what about legacy members who have payed for their account, F2p players will recieve 30 heroes for nothing and get their coins back. . . surley legacy members should recieve something aswell like alt avatars or something??

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    They already recieved 3000 silver coins when F2P started (as I can remember) and many other options.

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    Upgrade-to-Legacy fee would be awesome

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    I have only 1 question : When will this happen?

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    Like many other commented before, I think the better way is 21 (7 per stats) static and 9 rotating (3 per stats).
    And yeah, being honest, this will probably make me come back to HoN, because I got very bored having to play thousands of games to buy new heroes with silver coins (buying gold coins isn't worth it - 30$ = 10 heroes).
    Plus, DotA 2 is going to be free to play, so with a limited hero pool, you may see a good amount of people moving to DotA 2 (I'm honest: I'm in this process, but this news most likely will change my mind)

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    When is it going to start happening>? approximate date??

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    I say keep the 30 static heroes. Rotate in some of the newer heroes after they come out of EA so we can try them out before spending 850 silver to buy it and just be dissapointed. 30 Free heroes and rotate 6 a week, 2 of each attribute. And rotate in the EA heroes the week after release. That gives 1 month for EA, legacy or anybody who buys it 1 week, then it will be in the rotation for 1 week so we can try it out without buying.

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    I don't think hero choice is the problem, be it 15 rotating heroes or static 30 ones, but it's definitely related to hero accessibility. The main issue is that all of the heroes cost too much silver coins for free to play users to purchase. Free to play users should at least have a chance to purchase a majority of the heroes with silver coins, and this is ignoring all of these new heroes every two weeks because those are even more expensive. It takes way too many silver coins as is and is literally impossible. Either reduce silver coin prices or increase the amount of silver coins free to play users gain per game.

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