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    HoN Hero Spotlight: Ellonia!

    Ellonia comes to Newerth this Friday! She brings with her a cold wind that chills the hearts of her foes. Only Glacius can match her gelid heart. Be sure to watch her spotlight video below! (ps it's the link above the pic <3)

    Ice Ice, Baby!

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    It's like a ganker glacius.
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    im tight
    looks neat
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    OP, have you seen legionnaire?
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    "if yo guys think that's a shitty avatar, check out THIS one we made!!!"
    lmao gg

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    yey for a non creative hero!!!


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    Excited about solid snake port.

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    Meh, Ellonia + Midas won't be fun.
    How many weeks until Frigid Field gets nerfed like Monarch's Noxious Cloud? Clearvision too stronk!!!!11
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    Excellent spotlight video. Great job on this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FurryTuna View Post
    Excited about subzero port.

    Edit: Also, clearvision. =/ Why?
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    Ice Ice Baby
    Has a rubber duck named "Mr. Quackers."

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    the frost... sometimes it makes the blood stick to the blade
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    Liked the video and the hero except for the clearvision part :/

    Why? Why should a nuker hero get clearvision ??

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    what was the thing hiding in the box at the end ? '-'

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    snake eater reference at the end! :OOO

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    Not AA, really disappointed.

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    Watch it until the very end for a surprise! :O

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    Very interesting hero, indeed. Seems like fun and can make a lot of damage in a short period of time.

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    Was just wondering, why is the intro footage reused for the in-game demonstration of her skills?

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    solid snake alt avatar

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    Looks like silhouette hiding in teh box.

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