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    No response from server

    I guess this is like the 10th post about this issue but i cannot resolve it myself i've tried opening up the required ports in my router and in my computer but the problem persists. I have to w8 for like 5 min SOMETIMES in order to get connected to the chat server and some of my games i cant connect to the server although sometimes it helps typing "reconnect" in the console. I have also tried playing in OpelGL and DirectX9 no significant change there either. I am all tapped out of ides.

    Sometimes i can play for hours without 1 single "No respone from server" when i try to connect it's like someone is "playing" me and it's totally random when the problems occur.

    So please tell me if you need more information and such. One thing that i may add this problem started when i patched the one "2012-04-13" if that is something that could help.

    Regards , Lepjespen!

    Last couple of sides of this console.log will tell you about both my problem with chatserver and the gameserver:
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    Please upload a console.log after you experience the issue. If it is intermittent then it might be net congestion on your network. Do multiple people share your bandwidth?

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    Updated my first entry

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