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    New Gladiator Ultimate : Righteous Rally

    What's the problem?

    Gladiator has the most convoluted ultimate in the game. Here are some huge problems with it:

    1. It has a delay from cast to impact

    2. It has a HUGE telegraph

    3. It's difficult to aim, originating from behind you, has a minimum travel distance

    4. You need to line it up to pass through allies, have it end up hitting enemies, and time your cast ahead of when you need it to make it work, ALL AT THE SAME TIME

    Well, it was a cute idea, but we can do better. If Bombadier's ultimate having a delayed cast was considered a bad design, it shouldn't stand for Gladiator.

    Can we create a good team fight ult that buffs your team, but actually works well with how Glad is ACTUALLY played and built? Here's my rough concept. Obviously these numbers can be changed and balance, but don't focus so much on the digits. Focus on the idea, I think it's a lot better

    Righteous Rally
    CD: 70 seconds
    100 Mana
    Instant Cast

    On use, stuns all enemies in a 500 radius around gladiator for 1 second. Gladiator and all allies gain the "Righteous" buff. Righteous causes the heroes next attack to crit for x1.5 damage for melee heroes, 1.25 for ranged heroes(stack with riftshards, shroud, etc). Righteous buff lasts for 5 seconds or until used.

    Ok, so why do I think it's better?

    1. Still has the main 'spirit' of his original ult - stun enemies, buff your team

    2. It works with how Gladiator is ACTUALLY played! Stacks with Riftshards! Assassin's Shroud helps you position yourself for a great ultimate! Works with his Whip skill!

    3. It gives Gladiator a unique buff and a distinct ultimate. It let's him initiate and lead the charge, but still requires positioning and good teamwork to get the full effect.

    So yeah. The numbers are probably all imbalanced, but that's not the point. The point is the general idea of the ultimate, and what it should do. Right now he has the most annoying and horribly designed ultimate IN THE GAME. Let's fix it please.
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    I don't really care what gets suggested, but his current ultimate is almost useless in team fights, especially late game where his skills don't do much damage on their own. Make this a poll so people can vote.

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