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    Votekick adjustment

    There are a hell lot of cases when you have a feeder/greifer in your team and you can't just kick him cuz the opponent team wants to get fed on him and win the game; and it's hell wrong for 4 people to lose the game because the community is just stats hungry and votekick system too restrictive.
    So here is my suggestion:
    make the the votes of the people from the same team as the person being voted to be kick count more than the votes from the other team.
    for example: let's say it's a 5v5. in this case legion team wants to kick BLUE player.
    each vote from legion will count 2 points, each vote from hellbourne will count 1 point. Number of points needed to be achieved = number of player in game
    10 points must be achieved. => if the whole legion team passes, 2 people hellbourne must pass.
    => if the whole hellbourne team passes, 3 people from the legion must pass

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    This would be a great way to solve the "kick the feeder" problem but there are SOME cases where teams just like kicking someone for the luls or just being... mean.

    In games like those, it would make it too easy for the innocent person to get booted.

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    i know you are right, but if you think like that just let me tell you something, you will NEVER be able to please ALL people, but you should do such to please as many as possible, while i think(and i am almost sure) the are A HELL LOT more cases when u try to kick a feeder than when some1 'kicks just for the luls'
    think about it.

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    Personally, I don't see why you need to get votes from the opposing team at all, considering you can only initiate a kick for a person on the same team... Yet you can votekick an afk person from just votes on your team..

    The only purpose would be if you have a small team, like 2-3 people. You'd want to include votes from the opposing team in that case. (minimum 3 votes to pass a votekick), etc.

    What's the difference? In both cases you would consider them useless or a grievance.
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    I feel like vote kicking needs to be removed altogether because in 99% of cases it's used for abuse. And I'm very VERY strongly against making kicks any easier than they are. Sorry.

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    I agree with this idea 100%. Im sick of getting into games, going 10 mins, having my entire team feed, and i have to suffer through another 20 minutes of bullshit because they feel like wasting my time. This is around 85% of the games im in. Maybe if we had better votekick, we wouldnt have so many feeders and retards.

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