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    ArchAngel - Sol's Weapon

    Created 4/23/2012


    The Essence of Sol on Newerth. Archangel has joined the legion to abolish the atrocities released by the ever destructive hellbourne. The light shall prevail.
    The model is a floating Archangel with a hood and glowing wings and golden armor. His glowing white flame sword acts as his primary weapon and delivers righteous fury in its path.

    Role Notes:
    With built in damage reduction, this hero is ideal for laning with a squishy support hero. Tanky and usefull in a tight spot. Chasing hero's will have something new to fear on this "Reversal Hero". This hero is designed to make a bad situation into a good one. For instance, if an ally is being chased down, and they are all trailing behind, using your skills to rush in, and activate your ultimate can save an enemy hero while damaging and allowing gankers with stealth or port keys to come in and finish off the feared and damaged heroes.
    Starting Items:
    Buckler, Logger's hatchet, Runes of blight.
    laning items:
    Ghost marchers, helm of black legion, mystic vestments, Amulet of Exile.
    Core items:
    Spellshards, Mock of brilliance, Shrunken head, Ring of Sorcery.
    Luxury Items: Behemoths heart, Nullfire blade, Sacrificial Stone
    Ability 1 Name


    Ability 1 Action Type

    Target - Enemy Units

    Ability 1 Notes:
    Lifting his sword archangel sends a bolt of lightning down from the heavens dealing 110/170/230/290 Damage and a 1.2./1.3/1.4/1.5 second stun. All units within a 250 aoe around the target are hit by the shockwave of the bolt and are dealt 30/50/70/90 magic damage and a 0.5 second stun.

    90/110/130/150 mana

    Ability 2 Name

    Divine intervention

    Ability 2 Action Type

    Target - Ground

    Ability 2 Notes:
    Archangel Takes to the skies gaining "Angelic Flight for the duration of the flight" and diving on an arrea dealing 80/100/120/140 physical damage and applying a 20% slow to all enimes within a 100 aoe. Slow lasts 4 seconds.

    Range of 650/750/850/950.

    85/95/105/115 Mana.

    Angelic Flight grants clearvision and immunity.

    Ability 3 Name

    Righteous Persistance

    Ability 3 Action Type


    Ability 3 Notes:
    The Archangels wings are forged from Sol's own essence, granting a passive damage reduction to itself and all nearby allies and weakness to foes.

    Grants a 4/6/8/10% incoming Damage reduction to himself and all nearby allies and a 4/6/8/10% incomming damage enhancement to all foes.

    300 Aoe radius.

    Ability 4 Name

    Sol's Judgement

    Ability 4 Action Type

    Target - Ground

    Ability 4 Notes:
    Releasing the very breath of Sol unto his foes, archangel raises his sword and sends Sol's might from his very essence. Dealing 110/160/210 magic damage in a 40 degree cone infront of him. All foes facing the blast head on will recieve double the damage and have a 1 second fear.

    140/190/250 Mana cost.

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    // Balance Skills from user feedback
    // Cooldowns based of feedback
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    doesnt sound like anything new tbh

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    except the ult, that one is cool

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    Cd on ulti?
    needs some buff on the fear duration and dmg
    Possible Ea alt:

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    Quote Originally Posted by McStealer View Post
    Cd on ulti?
    needs some buff on the fear duration and dmg
    Possible Ea alt:
    That is badass:P

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    When I heard the description, I though it would turn things around through skills like Balpha's ult, or Salforis' passive. Those rely on enemies to be effective.

    However, it turns out ArchAngel is just another hero that turns things around because he has come to aid (much like 90% of the heroes around). Nothing really new, aside for the ultimate, which I think it totally sucks.

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