Thread: S2..please explain to me why I can't report...

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    S2..please explain to me why I can't report...

    ...a player who jungles the entire game refusing to play with the team.

    If I click the "not-helping" option, it sends me back saying it's not a reportable offense?

    Are you saying that a player can refuse to take part in any team fight to throw the game and not get reported?

    Mind you...the details are as follows:

    Player A. Is pink and has a +.7 / -.3 stat change if he loses the game. Player A then asks for an RM. Opposing team refuses to RM so player A afk's in the woods the entire game watching them push the base.

    Just let me know S2...if you're going to allow this, I might as well just stop trying to enjoy this game.

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    isn't there an option for like "illogical refusal to participate in a game"?

    I thought there was something like this that IS reportable

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    If he deliberately throws the game, and there's clear proof and/or ridicilously obvious he's doing so, It's a reportable offense.

    If he tries to win the game, but somehow never really participates in teamfights because he disagrees with the rest of his team, It's not.

    Edit: 90% sure.

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    If a player avoids to help his team and participate in team fights then that is reportable offense, specially if his action directly caused his team to lose the game.

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    Where do I report it - via email? There's no feature in the game interface that says "refusal to join the team".

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    Refusing to play is a form of AFK Abuse, because a player that is not assisting the team might as well not even be playing. Please review the FAQ and What is Griefing? threads on this forum. More information is found there regarding this specific case, as well as what to look for.
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