Thread: complains about Report Abusive Behaviour and Votekick system

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    complains about Report Abusive Behaviour and Votekick system

    ok so despite the fact that sometimes the reports take months to be reviewed and such things which imply moderators work, the report system is almost USELESS.
    i mean, the only things u can report for is item destroying/spamming couriers and that's ALL. Leaving the game(voluntarily) which usually leads the team to lose isn't punishable; why? remains for the S2 to answer this. and don't give me the crap that if you have 10% leave u can't play MM. so what? say u have 1000 games player, well to have 10% leave that means 100 ruined games. and still anyone can ruin public games.
    another thing that makes report useless is the AFK crap. IT IS TOO RESTRICTIVE. A player isn't punishable if he isn't Kicked out of the game through a AFK-Vote Kick(which implies the whole team to agree). Well, what happens if that respective player has a buddy in the game with him? I'll tell you what happens. it happens that his buddy won't agree to kick him and you will be forced to play in 4. Now you may say: "np, just vote kick his buddy". It's not that simple; you see, in most cases this happens, your team is losing, therefore the other team won't have any reason to kick any of you because they get stats for killing u. Are we on the same line now?
    Also, the votekick system should be adjusted. I mean, what are the chances that all of your opponents would pass to kick one feeder from your team? especially when stats seem to be so important to everyone, 90% of the players wouldn't pass a chance to get feed on a guy who makes your team lose.
    If that is what you S2 understand by making a game pleasant to play it is regretable and means that half of the players that actually payed for this game have made a big mistake. I am really forward to some BIG changes in the actual system.

    afterall here is my suggestion for (normal, non-afk) votekick system:
    make the the votes of the people from the same team as the person being voted to be kick count more than the votes from the other team.
    for example: let's say it's a 5v5. in this case legion team wants to kick BLUE player.
    each vote from legion will count 2 points, each vote from hellbourne will count 1 point. Number of points needed to be achieved = number of player in game
    10 points must be achieved. => if the whole legion team passes, 2 people hellbourne must pass.
    => if the whole hellbourne team passes, 3 people from the legion must pass
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