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    New Hero Suggestions for a better overall Gameplay Experience

    I think that some of these new heroes being released arn't very "Original" at all. I think if you guys continue releasing new heroes every 1-2 weeks this game is going to be garbage in 1-2 years time. You guys are focusing too much on the "get money now now now by releasing as many heroes as possible in the shortest amount of time!"

    If this keeps up...well, there are already multiple companies out there competing for the same genre--none of which come close to HoN so far in my opinion, BUT IF THIS KEEPS UP, I'm saying it wont be hard to pass up heroes of newerth in terms of having a quality game play experience.

    Why don't you guys spend more time focusing on making well thought out, ADVANCED heroes that take SERIOUS SKILL to play? Add more dynamic to the game by creating more difficult heroes. Not these super easy ranged carries that keep getting released. The newest hero Artillery is a new personal favorite of mine. Only for one reason though. I used to play Mech Warrior 3, it was the first video game I'd ever played, so when I saw Artillery I was super stoked. Then I played him... There isn't much strategy to him at all. You simply sit back and fire LRM from 1000 FT away and that's pretty much all you do all game. To build him any other way is a waist of time, because he wont out carry other heroes like the extremely over used and simple carry emerald warden, or forsaken, or valk, or flint, etc etc etc... He just doesnt stand up in comparison. His best skill is simply LRM, so that's all you do with him.

    I am kind of disappointed. I feel like a beginner game designer came up with Artillery. I don't feel like he was very well thought out at all. Same with blitz. All of these heroes you guys are releasing only seem like they are being created for you to make money, not to enhance the gameplay experience of HoN. The reason I say this is because these heroes seem like they wont ever really be used past the point of a month or three after being created. I don't see Blitz being used in the future by many people, I don't see Artillery being used much in the future, Draconis is just bleh, Berzerker sucks, Tremble is alright, Gravekeeper... Meh. ... but you guys see what I mean?

    Spend more time creating good heroes. Not that I'm a huge Apple fan or anything.. but be more like Steve Jobs. PERFECT THAT **** BEFORE IT'S RELEASED AND IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT OR THINK IT'S HALF-ASSED THEN CAN IT AND START OVER!! If you have to take 2-3 months to release a new hero, that's okay! I'm sure the community wont care, and will be super stoked for the new hero to come out because they know it's going to be GOOD!

    IMO these are good heroes that were released lately(I've been playing since BETA BTW): Monarch, Midas, Rhapsody, Martyr, Monkey King for surrrree, Gemini is was a cool idea but almost too hard to play effectively consistently(I wish he was more centered around his ultimate into late game), and I think Artesia was a pretty big success. Oh and same with Lord Salforis.

    I'm not here to bag on HoN at all, I love this game. I'm severely addicted to it. I'm just giving my honest opinion here in the suggestions section. Spend more time creating well thought out heroes that will actually be used by the community, not just put money in your pocket for that week. Because in the long run, I think it'll just hurt your companies reputation. People will think you only care about the money and not about the game play experience.

    That is all.
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    I'm glad there still are people looking for quality over quantity. Unfortunately, most of the community doesn't care about concept depth anymore. All S2 designers gotta do to please people nowadays is to release an appealing hero model. That might be rude, but I'd honestly be ashamed calling myself a "designer", shall I release such dull concepts.

    Throwing in a recent example : Draconis was a success for the sole reason it's a dragon. Immature people like dragons which breathe fire and fly around. That's the dragon cliche everyone knows. I, for one, like thinking outside the box and would have prefered something like a fragile dragon baby with some original spells.

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