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    [FrostField1] Excerpts from the Papers of a Scholar

    The upper regions of Newerth have long since then been subject to the harsh cold winds from the north, the lands along the coast most are devoid of life. Strong snowy winds greet those who exit the forests of Caldavar, and a near-barren frozen wasteland is what meets their gaze.

    The Frost Fields, as it is now called, is a vast and wondrous winter-wonderland. It is home to the many creatures that once lived in what once was part of the warm woods of Caldavar that evolved and adapted to the severe change of climate. With the blizzards and hurricanes that the northern winds carry, the entire landscape had long lost its green canopy and is now but a ghost of its former self: a cold and barren wasteland.

    Along the southeastern walls, one can see how the icy cliffs of the Frost Fang Mountains obstruct the view of the temperate lands downwind. These mountains are said to be the home of the mythical Frostwolves and the place of slumber of the wolf god, Fenrir. Although there are a few Frostwolves that wandered off into the Frost Fields and have met their demise in terrible fate, there is no man or beast that has set foot upon those treacherous steeps they come from has ever returned alive.

    At the eastern edge of the Frost Fields where the cold winds dwindle and die, lie fertile grasslands where large amounts of crops are planted and harvested by the agricultural city of Blackwal. The city of Blackwal under the leadership of its noble baron, Salforis, has long provided the Legion of Man with provisions reaped from their grasslands to aid them in their fight against the Beast Horde.

    On the far opposite side, are the dark and frosted canopies of the Frozen Tundra, where the strong and firm trees have withstood the stormy climates. Within its petrified forests of trees is a mysterious structure, a huge pillar of ice that exhibits silhouettes of both human and beast figures within. Those who gaze upon it come to the similar conclusion: the result of a long and fierce battle, preserved in an icy coffin.

    The mountains parallel to the Frost Fang Mountains, its icy slopes and chilling caverns are home to beasts that people call as “Yetis”. Many speculate however that these ape-like creatures are more than just docile mammals, but are shamans and warriors of the Beast Horde.

    Merchants, wanderers, pilgrims and many people who reach the cliffs of the bordering mountains of the northwest often speak of thunderous sounds of battle coming from the cloud-covered mountains that tower over them. On the clouds they would claim to see: the shadows of angels and barbaric brutes in glorious battle. Those who witness such a sight claim that these are Gods and demons locked in eternal conflict like the Humans and Beasts on these lower lands.

    My residence, and home, on the cape on the northern edge of the Frost Fields is the Horfot Academy, home to many scholars and magi who wish to seclude themselves from the troubles of the lands back in Caldavar. I and many others have gone through the pilgrimage of the frozen north to reach and seek knowledge from this establishment and its vast libraries.

    From here, I can see the land that from the beginning I have set out here for in the north and sought to see. A land that appeared out of nowhere, formed by the cold or risen from the cold depths of the sea. Soon, I go and claim my destiny.

    Orpheus Bronzhart
    Horfot Scholar

    Exactly 600 Words, including the name and title of the writer.
    These text date most likely before the second coming of the Hellbourne, as Blackwal is yet to be corrupted.

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    Excellent overview of the region. Would love to see more stuff for Horfot academy.

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    I'm quite happy about the recent revelation of the academy as it opens possibilities to the lore.

    It appends to some of the backgrounds of Heroes and Items that have direct or indirect relations with the terms 'magic','library','research' and 'academy'.

    I'm pretty sure we'll be seeing a lot of interesting details surrounding this institution of knowledge in time as we uncover more and more of it.

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