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    Scout advanced guide

    Im adding raw info first and i will make it pretty after-should be done in 1-2 weeks cuz im lazy

    Table of content
    3.Pros and cons
    5.item builds

    Scout is just one of those heroes that is very appealing to new players for because of vanish,scout was and is a hero that is/was looked as joke from beta till today and that's because players that play him do not take advantage of scout's full potential.I am going to write everything i know about scout in this very guide and will teach you how to take advantage of a very mobile and delicate hero.


    Primary attribute-agility
    Armor:4.92(23% reduction)(third highest)
    Magic armor:5.5(like every hero in case you didnt notice :O,25% reduction)
    Movement speed:315(bloodhunter,magebane and moonqueen have 320)

    3.Pros and cons

    • High base movement speed(second highest along plague and wildsoul in ranged form),coupled with vanish extremely mobile
    • strong 1 versus 1 potential skillset if opportunity arises
    • Third highest armor
    • Scout eye silence is has the longest duration and largest aoe of all silences
    • can protect himself from gangs in the early game
    • freecounterwarding if you know where they have warded.
    • good agi gain


    • pretty bad starting str and str gain
    • invisibility is countered by cheap items.
    • pretty you will have some problems getting in a good position in teamfights later in the game if the enemies have half a brain and you will be forced to go head on with prob a tanky hero,which wont be a problem if you have a sh.
    • NO aoe damage
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