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View Poll Results: Which hero should get the special FREE alt avatar for the HoNiversary?!

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  • Valkyrie

    1,701 30.68%
  • Electrician

    2,162 38.99%
  • Kinesis

    528 9.52%
  • Behemoth

    1,154 20.81%
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    Valk please!!! this is Awesome! also Elec looks sick : /

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    Seriously so sexy i love it please please please!

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    i'm not gonna lie this is great and all but i feel disappointed, i get to choose between 4 alt avatars on heros i dont own or play, i was possibly hoping to get the shenlong alt instead of spending the next year working to get him with silver coins. oh well i just have a long year ahead of me.

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    Uhm... Elec, whose only alt ****ing sucks.

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    Valkyrie, since the other champions are boring to play, and I'd rather get a free and good looking skin to the champion I play the most.

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    They all look epic, but I am a big Phoenix fan, so KINESIS! If another one wins though, plzzz release the kinesis one eventually, i will buy it in a heartbeat!

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    Ophelia soon?

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    Gotta go Kinesis this one and it's mostly cause of the current alt avatar situations... Kinesis is only who has only EA avatar, rest of them has some kind (valkyrie too many alrdy tbh)... Elec was also cool as hell but meh, gotta go with Kinesis. Behe is cool, but not my most fav hero :P...

    Kinesis plz! Other than his EA avatar!

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    So that avatar is for valk not aluna. Sick! Valk ftw

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    LEAVE ALUNA ALT FOR ALUNA But Elec and Behe are Epic Make the two alt :3

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    Oh my god kinesis so sexyyyy

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    Valk, because i would never get her any avatar without paying smth

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    Have loved valkyrie ever sense dota first come out. And This avatar looooooks AMAZING!

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    Read importent stuff:
    In Heroes of Newerth HoNiversary progress.

    HoNiversary 1.
    2 new heroes arived. Plague Raider and Soulreaper.New ingame layout.

    HoNiversary 2.
    Matchmaking arives,First Alt avatars arives,New layout ingame,New heroes,New animitions for heroes,Worktup Textureingame,New iteams,New,Secret shops changes to observatory.

    HoNiversary 3. (This HoNiversary) New alt avatars people vote and get that alt avatar.

    S2 ftw!

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    valk ftw

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    alucinantes aunque el que mas me gusta es
    mención especial
    para Kinesis que parece a
    Jean Grey de X men esta super cool

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    Behemoth ftw!!!! :d

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    Quote Originally Posted by KlausPactus View Post
    Elec for the win
    yes yes yes.
    Bring me elec!!

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