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View Poll Results: Which hero should get the special FREE alt avatar for the HoNiversary?!

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  • Valkyrie

    1,701 30.68%
  • Electrician

    2,162 38.99%
  • Kinesis

    528 9.52%
  • Behemoth

    1,154 20.81%
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    Behemoth's avatar is awesome for me !

  2. #282
    Behemoth is the natural choice.
    Good to know how highly your own character

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    Oh man those all look awesome.

    I'm pulling for Behemoth.

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    Oh yes because Valkyrie REALLY needs another alternate.
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  6. #286
    ugh, at first i thought they are // and . therefore behe is the only one that fits pretty well, so i vote for him.

  7. #287
    That electrician is awesome. :O

  8. #288
    behemoth alt avatar is the best

  9. #289
    Voted for Behe, but beacouse there are so many teenagers here, valk will win for sure.

    Gharbad from Diablo 1 is back, as completly new hero

  10. #290
    We really need ANOTHER valk skin?

    Behe mino is ok but not spectacular or super creative. Andro is meh.

    Voting elec cause it's pretty sweet and the only skin we have now for that I'll never afford.


    "I don't really like valk or behe but the current elec alt is pretty good and the kineses alt is decent"

    or would be if I would ever be able to get it. this elec alt is the most creative of the 4 accept for maybe the valk and there's too many valk skins already.
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    Electrician's skill really looks f***king awesome!

  12. #292
    i like the kinesis

  13. #293
    Valk no doubt's, gotta say elec is pretty damn nice also. wouldnt mind all 4 tbf.

  14. #294
    Elec ffs!

  15. #295
    behemoth is the best

  16. #296
    elec seems to be the most fitting one

  17. #297
    Valkyrie for the win ))

  18. #298
    That elec skin looks so awesome I'm actually getting all giddy over it.

  19. #299
    send Valkyrie to F`Fragment cause i cant take it from here =/

  20. #300
    The best is Electrician!

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