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View Poll Results: Which hero should get the special FREE alt avatar for the HoNiversary?!

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  • Valkyrie

    1,701 30.68%
  • Electrician

    2,162 38.99%
  • Kinesis

    528 9.52%
  • Behemoth

    1,154 20.81%
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    i do like the old aluna avatar that is fit to Valk~

  3. #123
    Yeah i agree Behemoth finally needs a damn alt hero which doesnt look like a flaming turd.

  4. #124
    I still believe that yes we will get one for free but if you like them all they all will eventually be created. They are all pretty bad ass, but just pick the one you want to get for free.

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    Dear god let it be valk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    elec ofc

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    i like playing elec. ELEC please

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    Question: Are we only voting for which one is given out free? Or are we voting for which one is made, too (and the others are scrapped)?

    I have a feeling they will all get made regardless and we are just voting for what we get.

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    Valk plz!
    Ward sells... but who's buying it.

  10. #130
    all of them would be made.
    we just vote which we will get for free.
    Fear the Chiprel!

  11. #131
    Behemoth.... looks fierce

  12. #132
    Behemoth needs a sick one!

  13. #133
    valk pls

  14. #134
    ELEC its awsome i want it

  15. #135
    Elec already has a pretty awesome one, I like Infernal Behemoth, Kinesis has his decent EA one, Valk I don't play so IDGAF (but remember everyone complaining about Fallen)

  16. #136
    behe is pretty sweet in that one, really different than normal behe. the elec is cool too but not as cool as the behe. the two girl ones are not too great so i dont care too much for them

  17. #137
    I really want this valk found very beautiful <3

  18. #138
    I go for Elec \m/

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    Stuck between Elec and Behe, but they all look fantastic. I think the old Aluna concept would fit best for Ophelia, though -- especially considering she doesn't even have an alt yet.
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    Elect!!!! Give all 2 year players all 4 new avatars as a presant!!!! How bout that!!!
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