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View Poll Results: Which hero should get the special FREE alt avatar for the HoNiversary?!

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  • Valkyrie

    1,701 30.68%
  • Electrician

    2,162 38.99%
  • Kinesis

    528 9.52%
  • Behemoth

    1,154 20.81%
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    Special HoNiversary Reward Vote! *UPDATE*

    UPDATE: The poll is now over! Thanks to everyone who participated. We will be announcing the winning choice during the week of our HoNiversary as part of the upcoming Global Challenge! :-D

    Our two year HoNiversary is fast approaching and we're VERY excited here at S2! We've got tons of awesome stuff planned for the whole week leading up to May 12th and this post is to let you in on just one of the things we're planning.

    As part of the week's festivities, there will be an awesome way for the entire community to unlock a special Alt Avatar for free! Since it'll be your free alt avatar, we'd like the community to select which one will be the reward. The voting will continue until April 22nd and then the winner will be announced. Here are your choices!

    So do you want Electrician to go Steampunk? Or maybe you love the new look and red hair of Kinesis ? Or you want Behemoth to get a myth-like revamp? You choose!

    UPDATE: There has been a complication with the Valkyrie alt avatar. Here is a statement from DivA explaining the matter.

    Quote Originally Posted by DivA View Post
    Hey guys, I want to address this, because you guys deserve to know the truth.

    We contract out parts of our artwork - this concept art piece was one such contracted piece of work. We are absolutely shocked, dismayed, and embarrassed that one of our contractors could have plagiarized another person's work. We are looking into this, and I want to make it very clear that we take this extremely seriously and do not condone or tolerate plagiarism or stealing others' work. I apologize deeply on behalf of S2 Games. Until this is resolved, we will be taking down the concept art from the forums. We will still pursue an Aztec Valkyrie, but if the accusations hold up we will have a new concept art done from scratch.
    So, there will STILL BE a Valkyrie alt avatar with a similar theme. However, as DivA says, if the accusations prove true, then we will have a new concept art done from scratch.

    But you must want to know HOW you earn this awesome reward!

    ...Well, you'll just have to wait and see!
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    That electrician is awesome. :O

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    I don't like any of those heroes >.<. Electrician though, because he has the coolest looking.

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    I like the old Aluna avatar.

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    elec tbh it looks like the best of the good ideas you had for the revamps

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    Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Valk ofc

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    BEHEMOTH !!!!

    his other alt sucks ass tbh

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    Elec for the win eh
    Quote Originally Posted by Seveah View Post
    I understood the implications of this, until the thread took an Elementuser to the knee.

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    I want aluna as the "old" aluna concept art -_-

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    All of them would do!

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    Elec, ofc

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    elec to the victory !

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    Old Aluna concept over pretty much anything else

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    I do not really think that Valkyrie is a perfect fit for the old Aluna concept art... Valkyrie should stay Norse imo. Legendary and Fallen are good for that reason. Feel like it may be cooler on someone like Ophelia, but whatever...

    They all look awesome though, hard choice D:

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    Behe yes finally free

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    Elec, *****es.

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    Behemoth NEEDS a good alt.

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    Elec for the win

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