Thread: Getting the same PM 3-4 times - bug or user error?

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    Getting the same PM 3-4 times - bug or user error?


    Over the past few weeks I've been receiving 3-4 PMs for every one PM sent to me (on these forums).
    John will send me a PM.
    I receive that PM, then I receive 3 MORE PMs with the same title & body text - they're basically exact duplicates.


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    I noticed that there is a checkbox on the bottom if you write a message, which is not check saying "keep a copy in send items".
    As i was sending a PM to someone i didnt notice this checkbox and checked my send items to see if it was send... But by the looks it wasnt.

    So i resend it till i saw that checkbox...

    Maybe thats the cause people send Pms multiple times?

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    That is most likely the issue, saving sent PMs is off by default (you can enable in the options)

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    I have been having this happen to me a lot though, receiving multiple duplicate PM's (sometimes 3 or 4) and they are from different people so it is possible it is a new forum bug because it only started happening after the switch.

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