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    Hmhm, I support you 'MsMia' it's a nice move and hopefully you reach people out there to donate something, tho I understand everyone who doesn't, lol. I won't lick anyones ass or takes sides, I'll just state facts.

    S2 has failed multiple times with announcing things and trying to keep their deadline. I support you with this, I'm a competitive player myself, but, in my opinion, the community should not be needing to donate Money to keep a healthy competitive scene. S2 should be the ones doing that if they care somewhat for the scene which they do.

    You can just hope that S2 will step up soon enough with their Qualifier and Hontour.

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    I honestly think that if you look at any sport, you will find that the organization behind it will lead the "main" events but there will always be "major" side events being held by the people who love the game. I used to play Magic the Gathering, and although you can't really compare the magnitude of the games, Wizards (the company) held a major Pro Tour circuit but there would always be parallel circuits going around with significant prize pools (most around the US but at the national and regional level that happens EVERYWHERE). In Hon, you dont even have to travel you just ****ing turn a pc on...

    S2 will keep their promise "soon".
    Everyone else should be supporting other organizations like Its Gosu.

    I for one do not mind "paying" a few bucks to watch HoN competitions being held. Heck, when I want to watch football I pay for my tickets..
    Besides, if instead of buying EA or a new skin people who like competition start chiping in, you will get more events and S2 will get less money, so consider that your e-activism for a better Hon

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    nobody would be mad if they stated that hontour would be released in 2012 april (although it doesnt even look like thats happening l0l) teams would make their decision whether its worth them sticking with hon or moving on, but because they made it public so many times saying its the best thing ever then for it to flop as many times just makes everyone in the community just wanna rage and flame - then move to a game that does deliver (dota2 + LoL)

    (and the fact s2 dont pay prize money l0l0L)

    gl with trying to keep eu+usa community but i think s2 have made it clear they would rather focus on garena and SEA community

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    Here is the bottom line, though:

    You're right, 5 dollars per person isn't a lot, but 5,000 people is a 25,000 dollar tournament, and that's great! - Think about all the people who have bought gold coins, or avatars, skins, EA heroes, name changes, stat resets, sub accounts... the list goes on. Now wonder why S2 can't create some kind of 25,000 dollar tournament, which is NOTHING for them. Instead, they can't even pay out their 100 dollar King of the Hill Tournament winnings. What a complete joke of a company.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoshGodlyP View Post
    weird how so many dota 2 pros have offered me team invites and i'm the most calm person every game.

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    Just the fact that there is a post regarding donating is a clear statement of the undeniable truth that the competitive side of HoN is, in simpler terms, dead. Never in my extensive e-sport background spanning over 10 years have I seen a major(and I use this term loosely) title in need of any kind of donations for tournaments to happen. What you fail to see is that any event has to have an approval from S2 and that says a lot. They are a really difficult company to work for, as has been said in a number of posts here on the forums and on other outlets.

    The one in fault of everything that is happening to HoN was, and remains to be, S2. Not only that, it seems like they intentionally try to damage their game by launching, and I apologize for words to come, ****ing dumb if not straight out overpowered. HoN USED to be a game with so much potential that even the biggest dota pros were playing it. Overall I lack to see any kind of future for the competitive side of this game and it will remain to be a cesspool of trolls and moonemeander' kids, and having played LoL and dota 2 I have to say this game probably has the worst community.

    But hey, who gives a **** of what I'm saying.

    In the words of S2 itself, soon(tm).

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    Love the incentive, so I decided to chip in with $50. Good work Mia - hope you stay on top of it like this for a long time.

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    expecting the HoN community to support a community event? you kidding me?


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    Quote Originally Posted by RAAWRR View Post
    @ mia i think One of the Problems you miss out on is the Courage of the few tournaments that are going
    Some may already have seen my name, for those who have not I'm a Caster. And the problem is that if you are not part of honcast or the organising organisation you have no chance of getting live matches to cast. Because competition is not appreciated, and innovation is practically 0
    Now if this event is sponsored the community why not allow approved casters cast games. Not 1st time casters but people who have some experience in it and good video quality. I'm a private person and stream with better video options than organizations have

    But I'm not allowed to cast tournaments because of the monopoly. Only tournaments I am allowed to is ESL and fun events almost nobody wants to see
    It's not monoloply that's the issue. The issue is you don't want any competition while you have your own casting crew casting your own event. I definitely support your casting and the effort you put in, but this have nothing to do with that. This is regular marketing sense and that's why it's not possible to have caster outside of your organization.

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    Just a small update since I'm still working on getting that widget to update correctly! *grr*

    So far we have received 170$ in donations. So huge thank you to all the people who supported us so far. Please keep spreading the word and keep up the good spirit.

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    I'd like to disagree with this.

    Yes, this game needs a strong community to have a competitive scene. It goes through a lot of different things: interviews, fan sites, etc.. So what is the problem? The problem is that S2 isn't supporting the volunteers. They could easily advertise a lot of sites through their main page, but they don't. They're even going the other way by promoting an "official" casting site (Honcast) and putting it in front of the others. I had hope that Zyori could compete with Honcast (because competitivity is always good: being the only one casting site just means lazyness while having a strong competitor means you have to be better than the others...) but now it seems like he is part of Honcast (even though Breaky + Zyori makes absolutely no sense since Breaky is a very good caster when he has an insight guy with him). Same thing for the livestreams: Honreplays, Honstream and other sites were trying to live through people connecting to them to watch streams, because it was easier. Then S2 decided to implement the streams into the game. That's something I just don't understand and it brings me to my point: why would the community support a game when the company doesn't want to support the community?

    You're also right when you're saying that S2 shouldn't be the one sponsoring the tourneys. That's right: in other games (namely, Dota 2 but obviously SC2 etc. too) the game company isn't sponsoring all the tourneys. Thus why are other companies investing into those games? Because they find the games and their companies trustworthy. S2 is a small company so it's harder to attract investments in the first place. Then, when you have jokes like this tourney so hyped that has been announced a long time ago and that has been in "soon mode" for months, I can understand that sponsors don't want to invest their money in the game. Totally understandable. That's why a 2k or 3k tourney monthly, with like 16 teams double elimination or something similar, sponsored by S2, is something that would be great. It would attract competitors and sponsors for teams. If the teams have sponsors, their sponsors will probably invest at least a little bit (like the FnaticRC Play, for example); then, when you have a correct competitive environment, S2 can just call other organizations and tell them "hey look at our game, we have some sponsored teams competing etc., you could totally throw a tourney, look at Honcast it can go up to 5k+ viewers, it would be good for you => other companies invest in the game and sponsor tourneys". Of course, it's a lot easier when I'm writing it like that than it is in reality but it's the general idea. No company will invest in a game in which there are close to no competition and no sponsored teams. If S2 wants that to happen, they can easily do this (because 2k/month is basically nothing); question is, do they want this?

    Also, yes there have been good things recently. I like the balance efforts that have been made, for example. But I feel like it just isn't enough. A lot of people have tried to give their time to this game, to help this game in their own way. It's only depressing when you see that nothing is happening and that promises aren't kept.

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    Thanks to MsMia for the welcome positive incentive. While i'm currently unable to chip in (real life stuff), i appreciate your and everybody else's contributions for making HoN a better game.

    Let me remind all nay-sayers that this is dedicated to making HoN a better game, NOT to help a company out. If it was meant to help S2 out, it would be linked to their accounts, which it's not. If you like HoN, help HoN - without S2's incentive.

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    Supported. Ignore steve` the English are behind you! donated £25!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ev1Lg0d View Post
    Never in my extensive e-sport background spanning over 10 years have I seen a major(and I use this term loosely) title in need of any kind of donations for tournaments to happen..
    Then let me tell you that you've never been part of a game with a community built scene.

    The fighting game scene works EXACTLY like this. People drive hundreds of miles to pay an entree fee (up to $80 for EVO) to tournaments they won't win. These fees go straight to the winner's prize pots and are a show of faith in the community and proof of their love of the competitive side of the game. Look at MK9's community since release; they had only 1 fully company sponsored tournament until EVO and then onwards until MLGm everything else was BY the community FOR the community.

    Don't come here with this MASSIVE pile of **** of an argument and say this doesn't and shouldn't happen. You like this game and don't want to see competition dead? Forget S2; they should NEVER of meddled in the scene until after the community built up a competitive scene from below because we get this right here, and dumb asses like you.

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    You're comparing the FGC where the online experience is absolute trash to ARTS style games where online gaming is more than reasonable. The reason the FGC has all of these regionals is because of the sad state netcode is for fighting games and that's bred a grassroots scene that is a necessity. Games like HoN/DotA2 and LoL don't need such a large local presence because its online infrastructure is vastly superior. Comparing the two is stupid.

    P.S The MK scene is widely considered to be dying and Capcom's refusal to back MLG was the only reason it got picked up opposed to the vastly more popular SF/MVC3 scene. This is a new age, corporate backing is the norm now, not the exception and you can include the FGC in said discussion. Capcom pledged to put forth over $500 000 to future tournaments and Warner has kept MK's dying scene on life support through funding. Suggesting that the FGC doesn't rely on outside funding, is a ridiculous claim.
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    Quote Originally Posted by `11411181 View Post
    Why invest into players who constantly give negative publicity to your game? That's dumb, no matter how you spin it.
    Pretty much every competetive player have given S2 nothing but praise for the game itself - the engine and how it plays. What they do give negative feedback/publicity towards is the balancing and obvious actions/lack of actions taken by S2 with no regard of preserving/maintaining balance in their game in favour of reaching more players or releasing new heroes/skins. Even with a forum for competetive players where many have basically done the work for them actions is _very_ rarely taken, and even more rarely in the way suggested.

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    Donated $15.

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    Would support if had paypal. Anyway good initiative.

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    You know a games competitive scene is pretty much done for when the game itself supposedly is "the best title for e-sports in the MOBA genre" and "still" gets neglected by any named sponsor and its competitors are nothing more but a bunch of whiny clowns begging for money on every occasion.


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