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    Replay me bro

    Hi, I'm FORUMACCOUNT/HORSEPANTS/JOSHPFANBOY/Chinfishem. I make videos and ****. I don't play HoN much anymore, but I feel like making a video atm because I would like to try some new things I've learned. I can't promise the video will be super duper, but it should be okay.

    -Post the replays with the following:

    Replay ID (idiot)
    Small description of what the hell happened

    You can post any replay from any skill level, I don't care if it is funny, epic, etc.. If it is worth watching, post it and I'll see what I can do with it. The replay IDs and credit will go to everyone who is included in the video.

    tl;dr I need to make a new video, post replays, you get credit, I get swag.

    Past videos: - HI I'M SCOTT - WINNING THE GAME - Allstar HoN Spotlight 1 -Allstar HoN Spotlight 2 - cavemen paly HoN - PEGGY - Berzerker Training
    Boy, I sure do love JoshP.

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    Replay ID: 87424679
    Time: 9:30 & 31:40
    Hero: Pandamonium
    Nice scenes killing and solo evading comb nymph and pebbles, good movements vs all stuns and pks.

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    Love your vids man :P Well done.
    Hi =)

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    Thanks <3. Also, bump.
    Boy, I sure do love JoshP.

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