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    New forum slow?

    Just checked out the new design on the forum, great work S2, BUT.. Is it just me (or temporarily?) or is the forum really slow?
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    It is extremely slow... I really hope this is temporary, keeps me from using the forum more often, just way too annoying, takes 5 secs+ to refresh / open new page...

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    K these forums are ****.

    Loads are slow, it randomly disconnects you from your account so you have to log in 3-4 times before it remembers you, wtf is up with these <---- ---> borders? Why squish the forums in into 2/3rds of the page instead of using the space available?

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    it is being flooded a lot, old forums used to but recently got fixed .. hope new forum is fixed and is more operational than the other one, else would have just been a waste of resources from S2 and waste of time for us ..
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    I also still prefer the old one

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    New forum feels realy slow

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    The slowness yesterday was primarily due to the game being under maintenance. Any time the game servers are down, everyone comes to the forums which results in a much higher user load.

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    Super slow for me. I like the old one waaay more.

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    I don't think it's because of the high traffic during game maintenance.

    There's currently only 300 users online and it's still lagging for me
    I assume this new layout just needs better system spec to run
    old version is now more of a "light" version which's much more friendly to low-end systems.

    I love/want new layout, but it definitely needs some more optimization.

    Thank you.

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    Is still slow. I am unable to "reply with quote". I just get an hour glass and it never does anything else.
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    It`s maintenance fault , new forum is good !

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