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    What happened to custom maps?

    When I played around a year ago and before Hon 2.0 there was alot of talk about the map editor and people were talking about making custom maps (such as tower defenses etc.)

    I know the map editor was added to the game (for a while?) but I can't see it now and there are no custom maps available for play.

    It just feels like the game has potential to create alot of fun custom maps, so what happened?

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    Custom Maps got S2´d

    How dare you looking for fun in a game thats serious business?
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    All S2 is saying about it is "custom maps may or may not come to HoN in the future"
    Means, nope, they won't come

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    They aren't happening.
    S2 already blew their chances.

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    The editor is still available, as are several custom maps, you simply can't play them in multiplayer due to no servers.

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    They rather put the effort in alt avatars and an hero every second week.

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    S2 please you made the map 3 months back what's the hold up?
    Bring mid wars already I am so sick of backdooring lanes and losing KDR after smashing mid.

    It's a lot of buildings you die. Please man.

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