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    I cant report player

    you may not submit RAP tickets due to infractions from previous bad reports. So what can i do that i can again report player? sorry for my englis

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    Just wait. You will be able to use the function again after waiting for a certain amount of time.

    Until then, kindly ask the other players ingame to report griefing players.

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    Thank you for your answer

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    Hello Stormcloack,

    With the coming of RAP 2.0 several months ago, we implemented an "infraction" system. This system is what is preventing you from filing additional tickets. After analyzing the RAP tickets, it was determined that a solid majority of tickets were found to be innocent, and the majority of these were submitted by people who had a history of false reports. In an effort to make RAP more efficient and useful for valid reports, we decided to filter out and discourage false reporting.

    The following was implemented:
    • A nominal 25 silver deposit
      • Refunded if ticket results in a "warning" or "guilty"
      • Refunded if ticket sits for more than 1 week, even if found "innocent" on a later date
    • Infraction point given for tickets that result in "innocent"
      • Filing a successful ticket ("warning" or "guilty") removes all infraction points
      • Two infraction points in a row will temporarily suspend a player from using RAP

    The above dramatically decreased the number of false reports. The volunteer GM team now invests more of its time penalizing abuses rather than dismissing reports without action.
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