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    Soooo, theres two things I really hate not seeing implemented in HoN and I would be curious for your opinions about them:

    1.) This game needs a mute vote!

    I have played several competitive online games and still I think the amount of flamers and ragers in HoN beats them all. Why do 4 team members (and possibly the opposing team as well) have to bear with 1 whiny kid who wants to concede because he doesn't gonna get a postive KDR this match, while the rest of his team is doing fine? Often such a person will demoralize the whole team making the so important teamwork much more difficult. If 4 team members agree that the last 1 is not gonna contribute anything usefull in chat, why can't they vote to make him finally shut up?

    Yes, yes, yes... I know u can ignore players, but it is just a totally different thing to stick your fingers into your ears while someone is insulting you (rendering yourself unable to defend yourself) than to shove a sock down his throat. It worked such charm in S2's previous games (well, at least sav1, never played sav2 much), why abandon it?

    TL;DR1: implement 4/5 team vote to prevent a player on your team to say anything in chat/voicechat, use ping or call votes

    2.) This game needs awards!

    Well, after getting that out and being on the topic what savage had that i think would be a great addition to HoN: Awards! I do think I remember it was one of the things promised during beta (don't nail me on it), anyway I think it would be just such an awesome idea to implement (and I wouldnt even think a hard thing to implement either). For those of you unfamiliar with the Savage Award Screen: Imagine instead of getting that very lame stat screen we get now at the end of a possibly 1hr match (that got almost zero information that you dont have in front of your eyes during the match), you get a screen solely with awards. Of course those awards should be also tracked in the stat sceens of players. To name a few awards that were used in Savage and a few more that would be obvious choices for HoN (amazingly almost all Savage awards could be directly transfered to HoN):

    Savage Awards:
    Most Violent: Most Hero Damage
    Sadist: Most Kills
    Unbreakable: Longest Kill Streak
    Reapers Best Buddy: Most Deaths
    Homewrecker: Most Building Damage
    Capitalist: Highest gpm
    Veteran: Highest xpm
    Communist: Highest gold lost to dieing/consumables etc.
    Biggest MMORPG Fan: Most creep kills
    Downsizer: Most creep denies
    Best Healer: As you would assume
    Buffy McBuffin: Most Powerups collected (Rune control)
    MVP: Most Awards won

    More Choices for HoN:
    Most wards placed (!!!!)
    Most wards countered
    Highest KDA ratio
    Team awards like "most kongors killed"
    and many more I cant think of right now

    I bet many of you still remember the old overloaded end-of-match-screen. An "awardy" aproach realy helps to prevent this overloadness, by still giving a clear impression at first sight who won the most awards (especially if you use some clever color-coding).

    And also I think it would provide a great motivation for supports who normally get absolutly nothing after a match except maybe to increase their ward stat by 0.1 if they are lucky.

    In Savage you still have an option to switch back to a more numerical evaluation of the match, if you want to, which would be fine for HoN, too. Also you could add a lot more information without overloading the screen, if you would, for example implement a tooltip for every award that would show you the top 10 of all players for that award... The only postive thing I can say about the current match summary is, that it doesn't take 5min anymore to take a look at it

    TL;DR2: We need a better ending screen to summarize the match (awards)!

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    Achievements will make people tryhard and play poorly just to maintain their streak... :\ Or they will just go for some stat padding in public games with plants blah blah. I would be kinda excited for some sort of minor achievements. Perhaps stuff like 'Kill kongor 3 times in one game', it's tryharding ofcourse, but it still requires teamplay in order to achieve it.

    Team dependant achievements would be great, as long as it won't promote poor play... (poor play as in, refusing to participate in team fights, building codex to steal kills intentionally)

    As for the mute, '/ignore add XXX' seems to do the job quite good. I usually play with '/ic' on.

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    Please post all suggestions in the suggestions forum with a poll:
    Strength Moves Only Mountains, Ideas Shift Worlds.

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