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    Hey everyone,

    For the past couple months, my clan has been hosting no-stats public games where the idea is to go all mid, and have each team pick 4 and 1 . So far, our team is undefeated, number one in the USA. We have recently incoroporated huddling our heroes together at the start of each match to pump each other up, but are looking to take the next step, as these huddles just aren't providing us the strategy, cohesion, and team spirit we're looking for . Therefore, we're looking for a coach to spectate our games, give us some insight and pointers into our mechanics and strategies that can make us be at the top of our game. We also want a coach that would encourage us and get our adrenaline flowing before the match starts.

    Some qualifications that we are looking for include: stirring speeches, to study and read-up on the latest 4 1 all mid strategies, and the ability to provide constructive criticism. If you feel like you can meet these qualifications, please post here and tell us why you think you should be our coach.

    Thank you for your time, and we look forward to welcoming one of you onto our undefeated team.

    Member of team 4 1 undefeated no.1 USA.

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    Thanks for your time and consideration.

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    I would also like to add that while our team is undefeated and so far the undisputed 4 1 team in the USA, by no means do we feel that we have reached our potential. We would like to take our teamwork and skills to new heights by incorporating better strategies, more fluid team maneuvers, and creating exciting gameplay that will better our chances for continued success. Therefore, we want to find a coach with a similar mindset and ambitious attitude for improvement.
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    Bump! Position hasn't been filled!

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    Yeah number one team of scrubs. Nah I kid I kid.

    Why don't you post this in the looking for section of the forums?

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    I suggest the illustrious Luxotor for this position

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    As the team , I am the backbone. I keep the other clowns' mana full and get them out of tight spots. We need a coach to help us create more big plays, in addition to the "Look-N-Hook", the "Shady Parrot", and the "Nashville Seasaw". Please, join our fantastic organization and help us become #1 4 Devo 1 Nymph team in the world, not just the US.

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    1/10 only because you all decided to try and keep this fail thread alive.

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    play this before every game and you'll be good

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