Thread: Server/Connexion issues on MAC OS X

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    Server/Connexion issues on MAC OS X

    Hi !

    I got a problem for all the last matchs i played today : incredible permalags (when my ping is still around 70-90)
    I tried to relog/reboot, but each time, i was unable to reconnect. "No response from server"

    I checked my internet connection, it was OK..

    I'm already fighting a Frame rate issues with "setlibrarysfml" command (kinda boring).

    If anyone can tell me where does the problem(s) come from, that would be great. (And some ideas about fixing those issues would be awesome !!)

    Thanks a lot !

    (I'm using MAC OS 10.7.3 (aka LION) with a 12" Macbook Pro)

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    I have exactly the same problem on Windows.
    My connection is ok, I've rebooted everything here.
    Didn't have the problem 6 or 7 hours ago. :/

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