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    AGASA Supporting HoN

    AGASA, the largest online league in South Africa, has announced they will be supporting HoN by hosting a competition in the Q1 2010. Registrations will open in January.

    S2 Games is thrilled to have HoN chosen by ASAGA. We are looking forward to the fierce battles that will surely come from the first competition and hope to see many more from the AGASA community!

    For more information about the addition, check out the following link: .

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    Good news for HoN! Can't wait to see what happens when the game is actually released.
    Quote Originally Posted by XoXoXo` View Post
    Never immergrated from DotA... although father says the old country was great, I'm too busy with HoN culture and society to learn about its roots and heritage =) Someday, Id like to travel to DotA and see the historical importance it used to hold, but then again, How can a HoN-borned player like me every appreciate DotA... In the distant future, when we HoN players change our patronage to a better HoN, a similar thread like this will be created and the Immigrant DotA-ians will just be an old retired ancestors who speak of legendary forgotten heroes who prosper in an era of DotA.... In flanders field were poppys grow... la la la (@_O)

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