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    The Scout mod.

    CLAN H44X PROUDLY PRESENTS: The scout mod.
    All coding etc credits goes to: PatrikS
    Ever wanted to troll one of your friends?
    Ever wanted to insta pick skauwt without having to click the icon (lazy bastards...)?

    Well, then this mod is for you!

    The skauwt mod

    What does this mod do?

    This my friends is the scout mod which will once installed insta-pick scout repick, pick scout again then insta-ready.
    But that's not all my friends, this mod also does not allow you to pass ANY votes, if you try to thumb up a vote it will automatically vote it down (lulz), and when trying to call a vote it will automatically vote for a pause. Ex: Skauwtmaster1337 tries to call a remake vote, and a pause vote gets called.

    How to install:
    This is the best part; This mod requires no hon-modman or anything similar, simply drag the resourcesSkauwt.s2z into Local disc-programs and files(xxx)Heroes of newerth-game folder aka, insert it into the HoN Game folder, and simply drag it out to install.

    Isn't this just like a insta-pick mod?

    Almost, except that this mod does not let you remake the game in any way, might be the most awsomest or the most useless mod ever.

    Click-DOWNLOAD -Click
    Hon mod man download

    Light version (you can still vote normally): Download (this one is also modman)

    Note: with the normal version most mods will be disabled and it's also really buggy download the modman versions to make it fully operational with other mods and less buggy!
    Note: this is ment as a 'joke' mod and not as a 'hack' in anyway, please do not use it as such.

    DISCLAIMER: Using this mod inappropriately might (most likely), if reported get you suspended.
    Use this mod at your own risk people, mombling or anyone in the clan H44X is not responsible for sudden overdoses of awesomeness.

    Example of trolling a friend: I put the scout mod on a USB device, Plugs it into my friends computer while he's at the toilet drags the scout mod into his HoN Game folder.
    I now challenge him to a 1v1.

    Happy customers:

    Pestilence: before I was never picked, but now with the scout mod I'm picked and actually useful every game I play in! 10/10

    Thunderbringer: I always went 10-0 13-0 14-0, but I didn't KS fast enough and the enemy team cc'd at 15, but now with the scout mod I can ensure some KS-mortals with some good 30 min games. 9/10

    Skauwt himself: now I can ensure to always pick myself first, aswell as going baws mode starting with only repick gold, ensures good skoo-dex games. 11/10.

    Avrage rating on scout mod=wait for it... 10/10!
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    Ahhahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahaha oh wow

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    Yes I most certainly am, I believe you underrate the importance of this magnificent mod.
    Made by the gods, they say that this mod brings mening to the life we today live in, a slim of light in a storm of darkness this mod opens the opportunity to reach that slim light.
    Do not fear my friends, all shall soon be enlighted that this truly is the solution to the worlds' most serious problems.
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    Oh god.

    sif is sad

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    lol I'm gonna put this in my friend's computer today

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    Best mod ever, no contest.
    that music guy from Sweden

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    10/10 best mod for hon atm! xD

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    Haha, I chuckled.


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    SO stronk... good mod )
    r u srs

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    Quote Originally Posted by NubbyMcNub View Post
    HoN's cliff has no footholds and has people at the top insulting your mum.
    Quote Originally Posted by chaR` View Post
    Im only 1500 cuz i only play with noobteams who feed
    If id have proper teammates id easily be 2000-2100

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    10/10 at least

    Contrary to what most HoN players think, real life ISN'T waiting for you..

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    This gave me a good laugh

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    This made me laugh, but if I ever see some1 with this mod.... I'd be mad!
    Take a look at my midwars modes suggestion! Vote and post!

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    This is gr8! Now I can play scout every game with my free to play account

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    how about change it so you pick,repick,ready and disconnect?

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    aww u should have made it insta unpause but nice mod tho x)

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    Good thing my accounts name is Scuot and sc0ut

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    Must be approved

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