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    I know he's manageable fairly easily in mid/upper level games, but this guy walks over the lower/pub level games, and I'm not saying he should have a stats nerf, but he should have something that will keep him just as powerful for mid/upper level games while making it harder for pubbies to use him.

    Thoughts? Ideas? Rage?

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    I honestly see no problem with him at all. His low hp and low mana is way easily "abusable" if you're against him, stopping him from farming is insanely easy.

    He only becomes a problem if you let him farm.

    Although I have slight concern over him having 2 aoe spells. Changing his Barrel Roll to being single target (only dealing damage/snaring the first target it hits) would be a much better change imo.

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    hargy mate is that you?

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    He's still fairly strong in mid-high games I think, though not imbalanced. His damage output is huge, Stalk makes him impossible to slow, but his lack of any anti-magic skills force him to go Shrunken Head--and if you go Shruken head on an AGI hero, chances are your farming will be severely hampered.

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    I wish his ult was a little more original than MOAR AS!

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    He's not overpowered at all, and theres no reason for whining. Too bad developers mostly listen to bad players who whine about things like this... : /

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