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    Bombardier 2.0?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lhune View Post
    Oh I'm fully aware how important money is. But that just proves their marketing plan was not properly established from the start; there are many ways to appeal to a large public. Riot knew it, they did it well. S2 first set out to be different and succeeded, only to come to the conclusion later on that there were easier and faster ways to make money and went through quite dramatic changes to realize it. The game's quality has dropped since. They didn't set out to be this way and while this new system may have it's success for a while, it's unstable and will undoubtedly soon be replaced by a new hype, and that's exactly the thing. HoN has become replaceable. I've been won over by different games myself way too easily, especially considering that I was around since closed beta and thoroughly enjoyed this game for a long time.

    If you want to keep comparing it to that band; if their goal was to make money, they should have just made fancy pop music from the start. But no, they set out to make their own music and gained a solid fanbase that recognizes and loves their unique style. So they face a decision; stick to their style and hope that, in time, they will break through with it and gain an even larger solid fanbase, or change to making more casual music, losing all of their credibility (and most of their original fanbase), possibly appealing to a larger public but having no guarantee that their fame will last very long, since hypes are so easily taken over by new ones.

    I'd personally stick to the original style. You can't really say it's not about what the fans want, because it's the fans that make or break your product and I wouldn't want to lose my credibility with the ones that are sure to continue to buy my product, even if it means I'm probably not going to be incredibly rich. Go through with what you set out to do, or if you absolutely can't, stop doing it altogether and set a new goal. No point polishing turds.
    Yep I agree with you here, however I did not find a game that can replace HoN.
    Even if I took a break of 2 months, I went back to HoN.
    I also like MMORPG's, but when I play that too much, I want to play a game of HoN with my friends and it's always fun.
    But maybe it's because I have 7 friends that play it, a lot of games become fun with friends.
    Solo play is pretty bad in HoN because of the shitty community

    But I actually like the new heroes, I like more diversity and new stuff.
    They can always tweak it after the release.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZombieSix View Post
    chronos fights for hellbourne. i think u made this up.
    Oh, then pardon my ignorance; just wanted to add a few other characters to the background, but in this case feel free to replace Chronos with another random wizard or time-lord (he could be Dr. Who for all i care).
    And yeah, i did make this up (in about 10 min), since some players apparently require a rock-solid explanation of how a Mech could appear in fantasy Newerth. So here you go - he fell through a time-space portal, got broken on impact and Engineer put him back together a couple of months later to fight the Hellborne. Case closed, move on

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nospheratu View Post
    Oh, then pardon my ignorance; just wanted to add a few other characters to the background, but in this case feel free to replace Chronos with another random wizard or time-lord (he could be Dr. Who for all i care).
    And yeah, i did make this up (in about 10 min), since some players apparently require a rock-solid explanation of how a Mech could appear in fantasy Newerth. So here you go - he fell through a time-space portal, got broken on impact and Engineer put him back together a couple of months later to fight the Hellborne. Case closed, move on
    1. Doesn't even have to involve wizards/magic when a team of archaeologists will do.

    2. Doctor Who is the name of the series, his name is just "The Doctor"

    3. Ten minutes for that? Really?

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    Here, I also provided additional background lore for the hero. I hope this one doesn't mess with the canon.

    During Maliken’s reign, there was a rumor of an ancient metal deity buried underground at the edge of the Legion’s borders. As the months passed, the rumor spread like wildfire, eventually gaining attention of the Church of Sol. The Church sent their clergy and Templars to investigate the origins of the rumor, and hopefully quash any traces of idol worship. Weeks of searching has come and gone before the Church found the origin of the story. They located a small and isolated village at the edge of the wilderness, with its inhabitants entering the cave with tributes and leaving it with smiles and wisdom. The Church decided to make the first move.

    The Church razed the village to the ground with Sol’s cleansing fire. Facing local resistance while attempting to enter the cave, the Templars turned their swords to all of those who wish to protect their metal idol. Hours of massacre passed before the Church was able to penetrate into the sanctum of the cave. What they discovered amazed them all.

    An ancient machine, dressed in leaves and feathers, stood tall and silent at the center of the cave. Its old Earth weaponry are more intimidating than ever, especially when compared to the puny swords and ineffectual spells of the Legion’s army. A touch from a clumsy Templar brought the metal giant to life, flooding the cave with light and sounds of old world machinery. The Church stared in awe.

    The clergy immediately contacted Maliken of their discovery. An extraction team arrived a week later and blocked anyone who wished to visit the ancient giant. A few days after the arrival of the extraction team, the team departed, leaving only leaves and feathers where the prehistoric machine once stood. The machine was never seen publically again.

    Throughout the years, the Legion’s best engineers studied the machine in a hidden underground laboratory. From the ancient relic, they discovered the secrets of gunpowder and electricity, which they used effectively in their war with the beasts. The machine gave the Legion the knowledge they needed to have an edge over the beasts.

    As the war dragged on, the engineers decided that they can’t learn any more from the machine, yet the Legion still doesn’t have the technology or the logistics to create any replicas of the ancient giant. The engineers decide to repair the machine, in hopes that one day, there will be an engineer brave enough to pilot the machine. Soon enough, the machine was brought back to its former glory.

    However, the end of the war with the beasts marked the beginning of the betrayal of the Hellbourne. Almost every engineer immediately enlisted against the fight with the demons, with turret, keg, mines, and electric barrier in hand. All except for one lone engineer which stared at the ancient machine with determined fascination.

    The engineer looked at his masterpiece. The turrets were mounted, the rockets loaded, the cannons oiled and tested on the range. It was time to test his mechanical beast against the demonic hoards of the Hellbourne. They would know no quarter when he found them within range and death reigned down from above. The explosions deafened both man and beast, and Artillery stood alone among the craters and carnage.
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    somehow looks like a tanky agility.... initiator?

    or is it just me wishing for one

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lhune View Post
    Where does it say the setting is post-apocalyptic, sorry? And post apocalyptic what? Certainly not our world. Unless the apocalypse suddenly gave us magic and people thought it was clever to start wearing metal armor again, which I highly doubt. Face it, even if the mech isn't completely ridiculous in the actual setting, the match-up of the heroes still is. If such advanced technology existed, other people would not bother wearing medieval armor.

    Flint makes sense because his multi-barrel guns are quite old fashioned and guns of the sort have been around since 700-800 AD. It's not unthinkable that such guns would exist alongside people using swords and bows and arrows, partially because they just don't have as much power as modern day firearms. Repulsor makes sense because he is pretty much a mad goblin scientist, he still uses magical power and artifacts for his skills. Engineer is rather steampunk, the same arguments I used for Flint can be applied to him; very basic technology, mostly powered by magic. Chipper, same story; steampunk. I mean, have you even looked at their art? Did you never notice how clumsy Chipper's "battle mech" is, how it almost seems to be falling apart with every step? While the rockets are pushing the limit, it still doesn't seem very much out of place.

    Then, suddenly, technology that looks like something from our world's future. That isn't fantasy, that's sci-fi. It just doesn't fit. Not to mention that it's creator is human. I dare bet that if it was some sort of alien or otherwise weird race coming with this "new" technology, people wouldn't have made as much of a fuss because it makes sense for different races to have different forms of technology and not sharing it with others. But for the same race (humans) to have such a wide variety of technology, it's just odd.

    Oh well. To me this just seems like S2 is running out of ideas and trying desperately to appeal to as wide a public as they can by churning out as many different heroes as they can, as fast as they can. I personally prefer quality over quantity, but I guess some people just don't.

    I hate to do this to you Lhune ;P. This is the quote from the first three paragraphs of Savage's lore.

    In the ancient days of the Lost Civilization, Man alone ruled over the world, and all creatures, fish, and fowl paid him homage. Enlightened by their Creator with the gift of Science, there was nothing the Ancients could not do. This is known to all who have seen the sprawling empty cities deep in the jungles, defying the creeping vines and slow rot to remain a testament to Man抯 birthright.

    Humanity chose to fall from the light. Not content with mastery of all lesser beings, men sought mastery over each other. In violation of God's will, they turned on their kindred. War such as never had been came to the land, and everywhere there was suffering. The manslayers forgot not only their bonds of kinship but also their bonds of obedience to Sol the Creator. They carved false idols whose burning light mocked His benevolence and cast these idols into the heavens.

    The idols fell to earth and flames were kindled in the greatest cities of the world. All to ash went the lives of one third of Sol's children. Furious winds scourged the earth, bearing the tainted ash of the fallen, which still burden with lost souls and miscast hatred. Within these ashes was all manner of pestilence, and where they fell, no life would grow.
    Men and women fled their homes; the cities that still stood, stood empty.
    Everybody can interpret what I bolded differently, but what I interpreted is this: Men fought each other before climaxing in nuclear war "False idols whose burning light mocked His benevolence...cast these idols into heaven...kindled in the greatest cities of the world...all manners of pestilence, and where they fell, no life would grow". The pestilence is interpreted as nuclear fallout. The "idols" mocked Sol (the sun) in brilliance could be interpreted as nuclear warheads, especially when it states that it fell on the "greatest cities of the world". And if you deny that Old Earth is present/future Earth, read what I highlighed in the first paragraph.

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    more metal gear than gundam imo

    My Fayde Alt. Avatar suggestion "Hassassin Fayde":

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    It looks interesting, but how effective will it really be... I guess we'll see.

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    haha another agility hero gj S2!

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    This is the most a company has missed the plot since the dawn of time. You literally destroy all emersion this game has to offer with this hero theme. Ever think that this hero design might fit, I dunno, an Archer? The flurry of projectiles, the ease of movement, the long range? Instead you take a dump on your game with a huge eyesore.

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