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    Jesus... This hero has some of my spells from my Brigadier General lol
    My goal is for at least one of my heroes to be ported into HoN! Help my cause and get S2 to see these!
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    Look out chipper, new mech coming in and doing your job harder, better, faster, stronger.

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    Ranged Agi... again...
    Glad i quitted...

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    Goliath online

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    Love the idea of bunker down like sacrifice mobility for some nice benefit. Seems cool

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    I swear to god if there is a gundam EA alt i will insta buy him as soon as he comes out..

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    That's some excellent lore work right there. I'm impressed.
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    He's quite a butch 'agile' hero. Strength would have suited his model better. Then again we have the chubby Engineer...
    Three agility heroes in a row is quite amusing. Perhaps sales data says to them people prefer buying EA agility heroes over other types? In MMR it seems the case that everyone prefers picking carries.

    (For those who'll complain about a MECH being out of place. We have scantily clad female heroes waddling into a battle to the death. Don't complain about inaccuracy if you're fine with femmeflesh.)

    Dear S2, if you want the community to stop whining about this hero, change it into an Int/Strength hero and put some breasts on the mech. The human model doesn't need it as he seems to have moobs.
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    looks very fun , but please i wanna see more heroes like the old dota heroes invoker etc phantom lancer , or even heroes like nome did , i feel these ranged agi heroes getting a bit repetitve and tedious now

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    After Artillery:

    AR: 18
    AM 16
    IR 33
    IM 3
    SR 2
    SM 30

    (Keeping Shadowblade as AM, even though he can potentially be any of the 6 to varying degrees of effectiveness)

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    I don't usually whine about classes but I'm kinda dissappointed that this is another ranged agility hero
    Even disregarding the fact that we just had a few ranged agility heroes, I feel like a robot that 'bunkers down' doesn't quite fit the agile type.

    Other than that: DO WANT

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    ranged agi again ? cmon .... enough

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    Quote Originally Posted by kohan149 View Post
    people are going to complain that it is yet another ranged agility carry/ganker, I think s2 should go back to doing 1 hero of each ability 1 agi >> 1 str >> 1 int>>1 agi
    That wouldn't mean 1 Carry, 1 Support, 1 Initiation.

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    Most original hero names I've seen in a game so far... I wonder how they come up with this stuff. Nonetheless, good job S2 for keeping the game constantly entertaining.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RaViJ View Post
    I promise the spotlight will be earlier this time. :P

    Also, S2, I love making vids for you guys and all, but please try to stick to your lore. -_- Such an eyesore to see a robot armed with a minigun in the same place as a gladiator in the same place as a knight in the same place as a goblin with giant magnets in the same place as a hell demon in the same place as a dude with a laser gun in the same place as an undead dude throwing shovels in the same place as a magnetic cyborg in the same place as a giant magical turtle...
    ^ This. Very well said. It's getting a bit silly...
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    This hero is offensive, artillery has taken countless lives in wars.
    For shame, S2.

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    I have to thanks S2 for the great work they do by creating so many heroes, but at this hero I have to make a outburst. I think the game should stay true to the fantasy genere and not implement guns and granades. If the world consists of machinguns and rocketlunchers, I can hardly see the point of picking up bows and shields. So I have to say that this breaks completly with the game.

    Why not wrap this up in magic instead. I bet that making this an agility spellcaster would be possible, instead of this joke. Hope its a late aprilfool...


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    As people have been saying, a mech-type hero thing fits pretty weird along with most other heroes, yet this isn't the first time something futuristic appears, Gunblade alt is a pretty good example, which is also pretty recent.

    And the reason for it being another agility hero is probably because they are still somehow behind in numbers compared to the rest (I think).

    Also, If the skills seem fun it will be insta-buy for me since I'm a sucker for mechs!

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    I'm going to have to echo RaViJ. While I have absolutely nothing against mechs, this is getting a little bit ridiculous. S2, you seem to be going out of your way to keep your game's visual style as inconsistent as possible. Why are you doing this? With DotA2 coming up and growing and LoL already being as popular as it is, why do you still not understand how important it is to create your own unique style and lore to keep appealing to your target audience? If you even -have- a target audience anymore. It might be a good idea to re-establish it and start working accordingly.

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    i guess starcraft2 Terran unit: Viking is making a guest appearance in Hon

    ... a new week, same bland/copy+paste concepts

    this time with no nazi undertone

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