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    Hero Teaser: Artillery

    The engineer looked at his masterpiece. The turrets were mounted, the rockets loaded, the cannons oiled and tested on the range. It was time to test his mechanical beast against the demonic hoards of the Hellbourne. They would know no quarter when he found them within range and death reigned down from above. The explosions deafened both man and beast, and Artillery stood alone among the craters and carnage.

    Artillery is a ranged agility hero that can unleash a bombardment of pain upon his enemies from a very long ways away. When this robot bunkers down, there is nowhere to run!

    Abilities Teaser

    Long Range Missiles

    Fragmentation Shells

    Bunker Down

    Artillery Barrage

    Artillery will be shelling his enemies into oblivion in the upcoming hero spotlight!
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    omg , a gundam alt?omg !!!!!!!
    lol,i ll buy it!

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    Can not wait

    Good Stuff....

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    Still got some gold coins left.
    Think I´ll grab him

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    Not a fan of the skill art.
    Has a rubber duck named "Mr. Quackers."

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    people are going to complain that it is yet another ranged agility carry/ganker, I think s2 should go back to doing 1 hero of each ability 1 agi >> 1 str >> 1 int>>1 agi

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    this looks awesome but i think we need str heroes

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    cool concept

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    Hopefully not another epic failed hero.
    Feeling Dangerous ? :tund2:

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    Aprils fools

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    This is amazing!!!!

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    I promise the spotlight will be earlier this time. :P

    Also, S2, I love making vids for you guys and all, but please try to stick to your lore. -_- Such an eyesore to see a robot armed with a minigun in the same place as a gladiator in the same place as a knight in the same place as a goblin with giant magnets in the same place as a hell demon in the same place as a dude with a laser gun in the same place as an undead dude throwing shovels in the same place as a magnetic cyborg in the same place as a giant magical turtle...
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    "Artillery is a ranged agility hero" S2 please stop being selfish. Stop with this agility streak. HoN need more ads, tournament with hight rewards. All HoN player are going to play dota 2 and LoL... HoN such a good game, dont lose your fans.

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    looks like
    first skill: chipper rockets
    second skill: some targetable rockets that also does damage in AoE when they hit enemy
    third skill: something similar to enginners turret
    ulti: large AoE damage around yourself

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    You serious?...a freaking mech? and 3rd ranged agi in the row...
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    Alright, let's put it this way.

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    Ranged agi? wow.

    Check out this noob's awesome videos!

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    Maybe it will resemble gyrocopter :P?

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    ANOTHER ranged agility? Don't get me wrong I love new heroes but....ranged agility ?

    Also, Thor is here

    Also, Imperial War Titan

    Also, GUNDAM


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    Er, a bit futuristic? While I'm interested to see how the model will look, I'm just wondering how COD: MW is going to fit in against axes and swords. Of course there are heroes with guns and what not but this is a bit Starcraft.

    Legionnaire has an axe? Great. I have sixteen missles and a minigun.

    Nonetheless, always excited to see spotlights.


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