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    Looking for 1v1 practice

    I'm a pretty dominant mid player until it comes to a couple heroes, namely Monkey King as my #1 nemesis.
    So I'm looking for a good MK player around 1700 - 1780 mmr (higher is okay, but I don't want to get totally decimated) to spar with. I'll be playing Pyromancer, Soulstealer, Hag, etc. We can do runes or no runes, I don't care. I just need to practice handling MK in lane, other stuff like rune control doesn't matter to me.
    If you're willing to do this I can help you with matchups that you're not so good at as well, or if you just want to practice your MK.

    Oh, I'm US but I'm willing to play on EU since I usually get around 200 ping there.

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    Yeah sure I´m up for it. And btw I´m EU I prefer that we play that. Thanks I will add you ingame or talk to you here :=)

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