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    Welcome to the New HoN Forums!

    After months of hard work and many rounds of iteration, we at S2 Games are pleased to unveil the new HoN Forums! We're very excited about these changes and we think you should be as well. These improvements were made with our community, each and every one of you, in mind. Before you go exploring, we hope you take some time to read this post to better understand the changes we've made and why we made them.

    S2 Games is evolving and we felt that the forums needed to evolve with us. While you’ve probably already noticed the new look, this new look is just one (and a big one at that) of an extensive list of changes. Before we get to that list, you should know what we set out to achieve when we embarked on this journey.

    • Create a more aesthetically pleasing environment for our players

    The new forum design provides a lighter and more welcoming atmosphere. Navigation is also much smoother.

    • Provide a more friendly atmosphere for discussion

    Increased efforts are in place to promote and encourage constructive conversations. We set out to make the forums an enjoyable place for you to converse with community friends, find information, and offer your own personal feedback.

    • More consistency on the forums in every way

    The new forums include quite a bit of standardization. We’ve introduced our beloved Moderators to more standardized procedures through an enhanced Moderator Manual. We’ve implemented standardized signatures for all staff and volunteers so you know who we are and what we care about. We’ve also created new forum rules with a more standard procedure for handling forum abuse. All this has been done to ensure the best possible experience and atmosphere.

    We hope you now understand and agree with our objectives and peruse the new Forums with our mission in mind. I’m sure you are anxious to know more about what we’ve changed in order to achieve our objectives. Without further adieu here is a quick list:

    • New forum design – Introducing a lighter and more welcoming design
    • New Forum Rules – Clearer, more concise, and easier to understand
    • New forum signature rules - The long awaited return of images in forum signatures
    • Forum Basics – A new document seeking to educate new forum users and get them participating in the discussion quickly and easily
    • New Posting Primers – Educating productive forum posting (located in the Forum Basics)
    • Increased S2 Staff interaction with the community - This is extremely important to us and paramount to who we are as a company. One of the things we value most is the interaction we have with our players. With these forum changes, every S2 staff member is being encouraged to increase their activity on the forums. We strive to provide the community with an easily accessible resource of information about the game and make your forum experience the best it can be.

    This drastic update will provide our forums with a much more welcoming and friendly environment. We hope you feel at home while you are here. Your voice is being heard and we will do our best to continue to promote a great atmosphere for you to speak with your fellow community members and us.

    We hope you share our excitement for the unveiling of our new forums!
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    Nice, looks so much better

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    Pretty slick if you ask me.
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    Everything looks amazing! Great work, and keep it up, S2!

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    It's going to take a little getting used to the changes but its looking great as far as I've seen


    I have read the forum changes post and linked documents. I am excited to be a part of the new and improved HoN community!
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    i used to not visit hon forums cause my eyes getting tired every time....
    But this new interface looks good and i feel fine as long as im in now :P

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    I'm sure the updates to the underlying forum software are good, however I have major gripes with the new theme:

    1. the forum and thread icons look really really bad to me. Those huge yellow envelopes on a slightly less yellow background just make me cringe - both because they are way over-sized and because of the color scheme
    2. there are multiple rendering issues with the skin (I'm using Chrome Dev Channel version 19.0.1084.9 on Windows). A few examples of what I found in the first 30 seconds:
      1. the login mini-form displayed at the top is busted - the "Remember me" check-box overlaps the "Login" button
      2. the "Post new thread" button overlaps the last thread displayed
      3. in the "Quick Reply" box clicking the "Paste as plain text" button pops up a "window" that is totally messed up - the buttons are weird and they are displayed on a white background while the rest of the window is brown

    3. the forum/thread display area is still limited in width - personally I prefer a layout that stretches out as far as the browser window allows so I can have more text/posts visible at the same time (this was also something that bothered me with the old forums)
    4. the forum/thread display area is now wider than the top "global" header that is common on all * 'mini-sites'

    Hopefully these will be fixed in time. Looking forward to seeing how things evolve
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    Looking good.

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    Very nice, keep up the good works fellas.

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    This new forum is legen wait for it dary LEGENDARY
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    Take the default template, change the whites for blacks and the blacks for whites and add header+footer? Lazy to say the least. Dissapointed, it looks even worse than before with these semi transparent backgrounds and the gloss everywhere, welcome back to 2004. If S2 is interested in a custom vbulletin theme that IS ACTUALLY CUSTOM MADE, at the level of wow's and lol's forums, I could do it for cheap, will send portfolio through pm.
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    Looks better, that's for sure.

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    this makes me moist
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    When I would browse the forums, it'd normally be in times when I'm out and about, between classes and work. I would use my iphone to access them and the old forums worked flawlessly with my smart phone.

    These new forums, however, severely lag and hinder the ability for mobile forum browsing. I'm unsure how many others also read the forums through their phones, but it would be a nice addition to include the older layout of the forums, or a mobile version if applicable.
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    Looks great, good job.

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    Everyone be sure to also check out the IRC applet embedded on the website:

    To register your name, type /ns register PASSWORD EMAIL. Feel free to also create Clan Channels and other HoN related chat rooms on the network. Just type /join #Channel and then type /cs register #CHANNEL PASSWORD DESCRIPTION. Note you'll need a registered name to create a channel. Hoping to see you all on the network as well =)

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