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    Hero - Girl

    Here is link for you S2 a hero idea i told a friend and liked so they told me to tell you.
    Let a girl be in power for once.
    Why is it always a boy hero. Only recently healer supports are girls. Girls are powerful too

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    Then why is your clan called BROTHERS of Azeroth?

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    If her spell grants her magical immunity then why does she need the magic armor buff?
    Just for items like Harkon? :s

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    I will read...

    Btw it's nice to see you on the forums too :3

    I have read...

    Definately an interesting skill set. However, the concept of magic immunity on a carry is very over powered... (Fairlight, don't you remember carry-ziah?) Another thing, her 3rd skill is the exact same concept of predators. I like the idea of a Strength Female hero, who isn't a support(It's a good idea!). But just with some tweeking of the skills (removing the magic immune and adding a dmg+ms buff might be a good idea) will really improve this hero alot!

    Have fun
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