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    A wealthy Support/tank

    Now don't be alarmed, i haven't accidentally posted 2 heroes in one, i've posted 2 possibilites that i would like the community (or whoever views this) to decide which one. You can choose from either the support or Carry version of this fat female hero.


    Strength: 27
    Agility: 18
    Intelligence: 6
    Base Damage: 45-52
    Attack Speed: 0.31
    Range: 400
    Armour: 2.4
    Magic Armour: 22% blocks
    Movement Speed: 300
    Line of sight: 1800 (day)/800 (night)

    She has greed and Creed, both fuel her teammates to rich and wealthy success.

    Skill 1: Additional Tax
    Every time an enemy casts a spell in your line sight they lose 5/10/15/20 gold.
    Notes: If the enemy hero is invis then this effect doesn't apply, if spell breaks invis their not taxed.
    Level 1: Range: line of sight, 5 gold loss, doesn't effect invis heroes, Mana Cost: 0, Cool Down: 0
    Level 2: Range: line of sight, 10 gold loss, doesn't effect invis heroes, Mana Cost: 0, Cool Down: 0
    Level 3: Range: line of sight, 15 gold loss, doesn't effect invis heroes, Mana Cost: 0, Cool Down: 0
    Level 4: Range: line of sight, 20 gold loss, doesn't effect invis heroes, Mana Cost: 0, Cool Down: 0
    details: don't think i've left anything out but i must ask: is this overpowered?

    Skill 2: Wealthy Prospect
    Every ally gains +1 gold every 1.2/0.6/0.375/0.25 seconds.
    Math (i add base gold per minute): 1.2x60= 50+60= 110 gold per minute.
    0.6x60= 100+60= 160 gold per minute
    0.375x60= 160+60= 220 gold per minute
    0.25x60= 240+60= 300 gold per minute
    Notes: i went through a lot to find a number set that wouldn't be game changer. This does not take effect until the normal gold count starts.
    Level 1: +1 gold per 1.2 seconds, Mana Cost: 0, Cool Down: 0
    Level 2: +1 gold per 0.6 seconds, Mana Cost: 0, Cool Down: 0
    Level 3: +1 gold per 0.375 seconds, Mana Cost: 0, Cool Down: 0
    Level 4: +1 gold per 0.25 seconds, Mana Cost: 0, Cool Down: 0
    Details: there's a global mana regen and hp regen, so i thoguht why not gold?

    Skill 3: Busy Banker
    Adds an item
    Add "money Bag" to your inventory. This item can only be in your inventory or your stash. Left Click on it then left click on an ally hero or yourself to give 100/200/300/400 gold from the bag. Hotkey the bag then left click an ally hero or yourself to take 100/200/300/400 gold and store it in the bag. (it comes with no gold) If you die with this in your inventory, all/ 7 tenths/half/ 1 third of the gold is lost.
    Notes: numbers are rounded down. Lost money goes to your killer.
    level 1: 100 gold movable at once, lose all on death, Mana Cost: 80 per transfer, Cool Down: 10 seconds
    level 2: 200 gold movable at once, lose 7 tenths on death, Mana Cost: 80 per transfer, Cool Down: 8 seconds
    level 3: 300 gold movable at once, lose half on death, Mana Cost: 80 per transfer, Cool Down: 6 seconds
    level 4: 400 gold movable at once, lose 1 third on death, Mana Cost: 80 per transfer, Cool Down: 4 seconds
    details: i had this as a item concept but i thought it would fit better as a heroes ability. (I will report anyone who copies this item)

    Skill 4: Double or Nothing
    AoE around you
    When an ally(ies)/enemy(ies) successfully kill an enemy(ies)/ally(ies) then they get double gold (or vice versa). The enemy/ally that died loses Double gold to what they would have won. If the gold loss goes below 0 (negative which is possible), then the ally(ies)/enemy(ies) cannot gain gold until the debt is cleared.
    Mana Cost: 200, Cool Down: 160
    This ability cannot be played when you get it, there is a 160 cooldown first)(this will auto trigger at 3 minutes after each activation if not already used)

    ty for any feeback.

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    Hello :3

    The first thing I noticed about your hero is that he has 3 passive, that means he would be FAR to boring to play, regardless of how strong he is. His starting int is HORRENDOUS. Not ONE hero has lower than 14 base int and only ONE hero has <10 in any other base stat and that is pebbles but it is slightly counteracted with his 3rd skill and with the fact he is a CASTER not an auto-attack dps hero.

    As to how this hero would be a support/tank? How is he a tank? (I will ignore the fact that tanks DON'T exist) He need something in his skillset(NOT A PASSIVE) to buff him up to "tank" status and give him something interesting like a heal, a buff, a stun/slow, a debuff to make him a "support". A "gold-giving" support is to plain and boring - well it is in it's current state, unless you change that.(In other words, EXPERIMENT!)

    Another thing, he doesn't have any stat gains. Usually, stat gains help the hero in there roll.

    The first skill is an interesting concept but slightly boring and ridiculously OP. I haven't looked at your stats but I assume you don't value 20 gold too much... 20 every cast is definatley OP; imagine that skill versus Armadon! (This skill is broken, I would change it in its current state but you should experiment with it)

    The second skill is a much better concept and could actually be useful. I personally don't really like it because it is a truly PASSIVE passive(You don't have to do a thing). Not like Alchemist's Goblin's Greed passive from DotA, this passive forces the Alchemist to get cs within 20 seconds of his last one to maximise it, however it does give you a set base bonus gold. I would suggest making your 2nd skill that requires some skill to maximise it while having a PASSIVE passive part. This skill's number in it current state is as OP as the 1st.

    Your third is weird... I don't understand it. Does it steal money? or does it create the money at the cost of mana? Also, you seem a bit overprotective of your ideas... This is understandable but at the very least please explain the concept. (I personally suggest changing this skill over the 2nd)

    And lastly, your ultimate,Double or Nothing... Now, THIS is an interesting skill. However, personally, I do not like the "I-can't-control-this-insta-cast-skill" idea. I suggest turning this skill to a single target buff/debuff. If cast on an ally, he will lose 1/2 gold. If cast on an enemy, you will gain extra gold (static number?) which is spilt between the number of allies in the area or if the number is static then just give that number to all!

    In conclusion, this hero, while delving into some interesting concepts, is poorly designed and would be no fun to play. However, with some tweeking and the REMOVAL, of at the very least, two of the three passive skills, I think this hero could become a very dynamic and unique hero-draft! This may seem like harsh feedback on your hero but I am being honest, 3 passives and a gimimcky ultimate would be no fun.

    P.S. Don't get discouraged... no one makes a perfect hero on the first try - Keep at it and update it!
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    ty for the feeback. and hello.

    ok i forgot his stats yes i'll be fixing that soon. Now can i make a quick fix up 'he' is in your comment. It's a girl... notice the name Penny?Yes very low starting intell, who cares what the current lowest is, if's there's a rule on the lowest then tell me but otherwise i see no reason.
    (if something is stupidily low or high it means it's to do with balance)

    support yes but tank not so much i agree, but i had no other really fitting role to put their.

    I would consider a gold giver to be boring. there's no way you could have a fun to play gold giver unless you worked reallllllly hard.

    do i really have to explain everything so simple? No logic exists these days i swear. I state that 'an enemy casts a spell' i did not say auto cast, the player them selves must cast it, and armadon is a pig, he can lose the gold.... but yes i see that it needs lowering.

    didn't pay attention it's meant to be a global gold giver and 'work to get it', you have to gain levels to get higher don't you?

    ?!? it makes an item that can store money like bottle store runes. you pay mana to put it in/out. I'm as protecive as i need to be, but to be true i do not believe it's to strong, it's a character's specaility not a base item.

    Insta cast is there because a skilled player would use it every time they knew they were to succeed and that would be a game changer... i've gotten 450 gold from a single kill before imagine the problems casting it every time that would happen? I don't like your suggestion beause it could become a game changer... since when are supports game changers?

    you may diss my hero but pls DO NOT call them poorly designed. I appreciate any feeback nice or nasty but ty for consideration. This a hero that is meant to be run around busy support role getting money sorted by his 3rd skill. personally though i would like to remake this girl into a carry/ganker with stats and abilities affected by gold mounts.... hmm an idea!

    ty for the feedback
    Check out my other heroes: Explosive entrance, Exytion - regeneration master, A Flash of Speed and i can't find master of the cloud v2 interesting... Soon to be is my jungling chronos and my jungling moon queen.
    "Carries are Carries, Gankers are Gankers, Supports are Supports and Tanks are Tanks but if ask me it's completely situational"

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    What can she do in a (team)fight?

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    give a lot more gold, or lose a lot more gold.

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    You missed my point on the stat gains... This hero doesn't need to have so low stat gains, pebbles does.

    As to your 2nd, why then is it called a passive if you have to use it... You aren't making sense.

    Your 3rd skill seems a bit negated by the fact that it's only useful if the hero dies... Can he take others money? (I'm still not getting it bro; You say that no common sense exists now but you can't reiterate your ideas onto paper or webpage)

    and your ultimate?

    "When are support's game changers?"

    You don't know how wrong you are... It actually frustrates me...

    for example... Removes debuffs TURNING AROUND GANKS
    global heal... HEALS ALL THE TEAMMATES
    gives people IMMUNITY
    groups people up!!
    stuns everyone in a large AOE and provides aoe dps.
    massive slow and damage that can literally win teamfights
    massive physical damage
    Buffs up team and screws enemys over
    Isolates enemys, saves teammates
    massive teamfight ulti
    the perfect counter initiation ultimate... heals and provides immunity
    can save allies (sotm) and can catch enemy team completely unaware.

    I conclude... Supports HAVE game changing ultimates.

    also getting levels is barely "working" for it... You can still "work" for it and still have it as a global gold giver... Be creative mate.

    Also, basing a hero completely around ONE skill (in this case the 3rd) you should be able to explain that skill.

    Don't call your heroes bad design?
    Would you want me to be dishonest with you and say that it's perfect and uber fun to play?

    I am being blunt and honest with you.
    3passives is no fun.

    You can argue and ignore my help or take it and put it to good use to create an interesting and fun hero.

    As to what she can do in a teamfight... Nothing.
    Giving gold and losing gold does not affect the teamfight in anyway except the prize at the end. In other words, all she can right click.

    Pardon the badly formatted response :3

    P.S Tanks don't exist.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlakDrag0n View Post
    give a lot more gold, or lose a lot more gold.
    So, nothing that affects the actual fight, got it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChillyWater View Post
    P.S Tanks don't exist.
    Whoa! what?
    Here's a few examples of tanks:
    Lego, moraxus, dev, ra, cthlu (the elephant)... any of these sound famaliar? 2 of them being the greatest tanks in the game!!

    Now as for your review:
    I haven't gotten to the stat point besdies i'm posting a newer version of this chic later.

    What do you mean use it? It's a global passive... and by working to higher levels means you have gain elvel to strengthen the skill...

    your kidding me... It's a bag that you keep monay in, you transfer allies money around to other allies. eg. Hellbringer has 400 gold too much and Wretched hag has 300 gold too little for a doom bringer (both on your team)... using the bag you take 300 of Hellbringers gold and give it to Hag. Game over. Now how the hell do you get enemy dies to get gold out of that!!

    Some of those supports you mention are actually more commonly used as carries. eg. bubbles

    Ok what i mean by don't call my heroes 'bad', is explain why and then i'll attempt to fix it. I create new and interesting heroes that are yet in the game. I change my designs to what the community thinks is best but if a hero i make has personal properties then i will not chnage it much.

    ty for the feeback, and chillywater you may want to re-think the reason for me making this... by bad design this whole thing isn't going nywhere soon. It's called 'influence'
    and i'm pretty sure my flash darkner influence even only a little, the making and release of blitz.

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