Remain in your unfathomable Path, always –
Seventh of the Ten Sol’s Laws

Nobody ever asked her true name (Lianna, as her father used to call her), because as a member of the Order of Sol her identity remained anonymous; most of them were tied up to the vote of Emptiness, the one that washed away your previous identity as all of them were equal to the eyes of Sol. The Legions of the clergy were always anonymous and happy. The cult was sustained on that, apart from the huge donations received from the fathers and the mothers of the bastards that accepted every year.
Lianna was born with a Gift above all others, that was never saw in generations; the empathy, a high-end success for most monks, was never ever dreamed of being developed as Lianna was, even in her non-trained state, when the Mother of her order received her. Astorga, the Mother of the Monastery where she lived all her life, quickly noticed her gift and gave her a proper treatment. First, they tried to isolate her, just to discover that no walls could deprive her of her feelings, feelings and, above all other, sensations. These were no hers; were from all the other members of the order. She even dreamed the same dreams that some of the sisters, the most anguished, were having. Great was the surprise of the members of the Clergy when she started telling that there was house in the middle of Greenhill Forest strucked by a bolt of lightning, and that they needed to be on their way before the wolves from the near-by forest get them, unprotected as they were.
When they discovered that no sensation could be hidden from her, they changed the treatment, especially when she began to have the feelings and thoughts of the highest members of the Order; the girl began to know, and therefore, she began to be dangerous. She knew things that were lying in the shadow of the minds before them. Therefore, she began to be trained in her gift, and some basic arts Magic too. She began twisting her gift and making it bigger; with the years, Lianna learned to shut her mouth and obey all orders, as she knew that her life was forgiven at a cost; the cost to become a human weapon, or as she saw it, an instrument to measure the population.
Then, the war began, and she was deployed with not many explanations to the frontline, where thousands of soldiers were slain every day. The suffering from the agony of the dead was worst there; but as she was told, she needed to help end the war against the Hellbourne to get those horrible feelings away. The worst of all was fear; the fear never stopped, and she needed to control herself more than before not to run away or burst into tears.
Her knowledge of the daemonology and the occult, as a Sister of Sol as she was, was pretty useful there. The Hellbourne had a lot of powerful daemons fighting, and she was intrigued at first, when she first spotted a bunch of them. Then she saw a horrible foe, the Devourer, eating and turning apart a former guy with cute blue eyes before her, and then she learned a cold as ice fact; the war was not as she read on the books, and she had to use her gift all the time.

She lost a lot of her warmth with the war. Specially, de-attached as she was from emotions (except for those needed to keep the soldiers alive), that was driving her to a cold state of mind, a most secure one. The only thing that got her off the bed every day was, besides the need of aid, the curiosity. Curiosity began being a great impulse for her, as she watched, learned and even correct the old texts that she studied long ago, those that were speaking of deamons, Hellbourne and war tactics. Her Scholar personality was the only thing avoiding her to lose her control.
There was a daemon that she had a lot of interest in, though. She had seen her in the battlefield a lot of times, but she never had the chance to fight her, or even be as closer as she had been from a lot of most dangerous daemons before. The one that the soldiers called the Succubus, the attractive woman-like daemon, was only depicted in the books as “the temptation in, of and because of the flesh”. The Succubus was an enigma for her just because of a single fact; daemons, as all Son of Sol knew, where born not just from evil souls wretched on the Hellbourne, but from the desires and will of the Hellbourne itself. Therefore, what could had forged the Succubus? Did she had a personality? Could she feel anything, or was as her, just an instrument serving a major will?

She was thinking of that as she was walking by the forest near the camp where soldiers were preparing for the morning battle. As her mind wondered among the fresh smell of the living trees, she felt herself really comfortable. The peace of those woods was unique, as unique were the explosions and the fire that burned them just across the river. Suddenly, she felt a presence, a very hard and strong presence. She was surprised on how sneaky it was; because of her gift, she should’ve noticed it before. She turned just to see the Succubus staring at her, delighted on her sight and smiling with a grim grin. She knew she couldn’t defeat her, and the daemon knew it too.
-What is a pretty little girl like you doing here, wondering alone in the woods, when there’s a war happening right in front of you? Don’t’ your army need you?- said the Succubus.
-I was thinking of you, as a matter of fact- she said, not ready to run but neither to face her.
-Thinking of me?- the Succubs said, visible pleased on the sight of the child’s fear –What a nice girl you are! Never knew that a nun could have such appeal for a daemon… But is logical, actually, as all the Clergy of Sol are a bunch of repressed children that need only a slap in the ass to discover their own sexuality-
-It’s not that, daemon- Lianna said, smiling too –You should know me as I know you, and therefore, the gift that gives me my nickname. I was just wondering…-
-Wondering what?-
-About your inner self, if you have any-
-Please, girl, my laughter will awaken the guards- said, passing her tongue over her upper lip.
-Really, daemon? Are you just an innocent and simple weapon for your army? Or are you something else?-
-If you’re doing this chit-chat thing just to gain some time, you can stop it. There’s no scape, child, and I won’t be a pleasure for you. I will enjoy getting you dead, though.-
-Let’s do a deal- the Empath said, approaching to the Succubus and placing her right hand on the daemon’s chest. The green glowing eyes of the Succubus stood still –let me merge with you. You can kill me after I get out of you. Consider it a last wish, maybe?-
The Succubus smiled and took Empath’s arm and placed it over her powerful beating heart, slicing it softly.
-That’s a deal, Child. I will enjoy this more than you-
-Oh, I doubt that- said the Empath, and focused inside the daemon, losing her own body and being invaded with the Succubus feelings…

She had to get all the emotions that the Succubus had devoured all over the war and before to get where she wanted to go; the epicenter of the daemon’s heart. As she had suspected, a tool that needs to play with the lust and the emotions of it’s enemy had to have a heart. As a matter of fact, she had to be pretty similar to a human being.
Finally, she reached it. In the center of all odds, ghosts and garbage-feelings, she found it. A little girl, pretty similar to Succubus, was sitting there. She was sad, really sad.
-So this is the real you- Lianna said.
-Don’t laugh. You shouldn’t be here. You should never had found this.- the little girl said, with little anger in her voice.
-But I did. You under estimated me, and then I got to your only weakness. Checkmate, daemon-
-Don’t look at me. Don’t do it. Don’t kill me!- the girl yelled, and all of the sudden, she busted into tears and began to cry. Lianna kept her sight above her, and lean her head.
-What know? Want me to get some guilt?-
-It’s just…- the little girl began to say –I’m alone, So alone. I’m an artificial human being. I was given the capacity to feel, to fall enlove, to accumulate anger, and to rip and torn apart all feelings. But I will never be a human being. I’ll never have a friend. I’ll never have a lover… nothing, but a bunch of heartless daemons as company-
Lianna saw the Little Succubus crying, and then the memory of another little girl broke into her mind. A little blond little girl, crying the same way, all alone in a dirty and cold monastery, almost twenty years ago. She couldn’t help to hug the girl, as the girl corresponded the hug. She then let a single tear to run all over her cheek. Then she realized that the war made the same thing to both of them; deprive them of the capacity to love, to like, to have a life on their own. Both of them were tools.
-Easy, easy now- Lianna said, and began warming up the little girl with her own warmth, lost long ago.

The creepy Puppet Master was following the trail of the Succubus. Hated to pursue that Daemon; she was a real ***** when she wanted to. Specially when both of them needed to get ready for the early morning fight.
He founded over a slept Empath, staring at her sleeping face like a large cat, smelling what she’s going to eat. There was no blood there, so the Empath was actually sleeping. He then tried to kill her with a huge smile just to find that the lusting deamon won’t let him. Putting a finger between her lips, she shushed him.
-What the hell are you doing?- the Puppet Master said –Raping her or something?-
-She’s dreaming that she’s inside of me. She is really cute, as a matter of fact. And I haven’t finished playing with her yet-
The Puppet Master stared at the scene and then realized that he was not getting anything from neither of them.
-Are you going to kill her or what?- asked suddenly, moved more from anxiety than prudence.
-Nope. She had a lot of thing to pass for. And she has a unique gift that we could take advantage of-
-How?- asked the Puppet Master, honestly confused.
-I can corrupt her, in time. All this little and lost girl needs to fall it’s just a guiding light. I can be that for her-
The Puppet Master saw the daemon’s intentions and smiled with his crooked teeth.
-You never stop, do you?-
-It’s what I do, Master- she said, standing up after slicing her hand from under the Empath’s skirt –She has a very smooth skin. I think she’ll make a powerful daemon-
-One day, Succubus, one day- the Master said –most of this so called Heroes will fall. And then, they’ll find out that being a daemon is not hard at all-
After the Succubus had kissed Lianna in the lips, the twisted couple walked away from the scene, leaving a sleeping Empath in the middle of the woods, dreaming with the fixing of the Succubus and how she turned her to aid the Legion…