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    Does chance percentage stack?

    I want to know for example, if I would buy this shield that gives you a 30% chance to block x damage multiple times, does the chance to block stack?

    So if I buy the item 2x, do I get a 60% chance instead of 30%?

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    yes, in dota it does, unsure about in HoN.

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    Math would rather suggest that two shields give a chance of 1 - ((1 - 0.3)²) = 51% for blocking with at least one shield. Not sure how the actual damage blocked would look like if both shields block (9% chance).

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    They stack the same way they do in dota. It's not a pure, additive stack. Two shields does not give a 30 + 30 = 60% chance. Each shield independently has a chance to block the damage. So getting a second shield DOES increase your chance to block the damage, but its not as simple as adding the two chances to block together. This is also true of crits, bashes, etc.

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    So they stack with diminishing returns?

    if so, it would be as NotAusGang said:
    first one is 30% of 100, the next one would be +30% of (100-30)70, therefore +21%
    so two would be 30+21 = 51%.

    a third one would be +30% of (100-51)49, therefore +15,3%
    so 3 would be 30+21+15,3 = 66,3%

    am i correct?
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    It stacks like math would make it stack, which means 1-0.7^n to achieve a single block.

    Probability with 1: 1-0.7 = 0.3 = 30%
    Probability with 2: 1-0.7^2 = 0.51 = 51%
    Probability with 3: 1-0.7^3 = 0.657 = 66%

    Aaand so on...

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    Of course not everything stacks, but the tooltips will help you there. For example the 30% or so evasion from Wingbow does not stack.
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    Yes, when in doubt look at the tool tips (the big technical ones, near the top). Unless otherwise noted, most everything stacks.

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